Wendy Williams Throws 50 Shades Of Snark At Taylor Swift And ‘Opportunist’ Tom Hiddleston [Video]

Wendy Williams is known for her sometimes snarky “Hot Topics” segment on her talk show. And when it comes to the new romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, Wendy decided that they were worthy of a detailed dissection filled with shade, noted E! News.

Analyzing whether the two are enjoying a showmance or a romance, Williams began by discussing her shock at how quickly Taylor and Hiddleston are moving.


“So, Taylor Swift and this new boyfriend of hers, Tom Hiddleston, apparently they’re getting serious,” Wendy informed her giggling audience.

“I know. It’s only been three weeks.”

Moving on, Williams contended that Swift should be old enough at 26 to recognize the value of taking time before becoming seriously involved in a romantic relationship.

“She’s 26. That’s old enough to understand—like, you don’t show your feelings on your sleeve in three weeks, you know? And he’s a 30-something.”

Wendy then put out her claws to attack Tom. The talk show believes that the actor is exploiting his new romance to achieve the goal of playing James Bond.

“I suspect [Hiddleston is] also a bit of an opportunist,” criticized Williams. “I’m going to tell you why: First of all, he wants to be the next James Bond, and he’s English. And I suspect… Because I’d never heard of this guy before, you see, so how do you drum up votes? By getting on Hot Topics.”

By dating a popular celebrity such as Swift, Tom has earned the spotlight, pointed out Wendy as she explained why she is calling him opportunistic.

“I’m just saying! How do you get on Hot Topics? By dating somebody that we talk about,” she summed up in defending her theory that Hiddleston planned the romance to get publicity for himself.

However, Tom is not having a romance alone, and Williams also extended her claws to attack Taylor for her own role in the relationship. Analyzing the pictures that caused Swift and Hiddleston to fly to the top of the Hot New Couple Alert list, Wendy questioned how the paparazzi knew that the two would be there.

“So, Tom and Taylor are right there sitting on the property of her Rhode Island mansion that she owns, which is right next to the Kennedys. Now, you might be wondering why the paparazzi is in Rhode Island, and I say, well, No. 1, the Kennedys have been there for years,” admitted Williams.

However, when it comes to the other explanation for the presence of the paparazzi, Wendy believes that Swift alerted the photographers herself. In addition to throwing shade at the singer for calling paparazzi, the talk show host questioned why Taylor went so quickly from that first kiss to introducing Hiddleston to her parents.

“This past weekend, Taylor took Tom to meet her parents in Nashville—after only three weeks of dating! Who does that?” demanded Wendy.

Wendy Williams gets catty about Taylor Swift.
Wendy Williams gets catty about Taylor Swift. [Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Huffington Post]
After Swift introduced her new boyfriend to her parents, she and Hiddleston headed to England, where he introduced the singer to his mother. Williams also feels that Taylor made the wrong decision by speeding up the meet-the-parents phase of the relationship.

“This is not good, y’all.”

Wendy then offered a glimpse of her own history when it comes to introducing men to her parents, describing herself as “very clandestine” when she was single. The 51-year-old talk show provided a tip on how to determine whether to introduce someone to mom and dad.

“Only bring those home that you really think something is going to be popping off with,” summed up Williams.

Wendy did not neglect Calvin Harris, who has his own side in the love triangle.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are over.
Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are over. [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner]
“Calvin is talking real girly about Taylor on the ‘gram, saying that Taylor controlled the media and the entire situation and now he feels free,” noted Williams.

The talk show host is on Team Calvin, but feels it’s better if he avoids sounding off on social media about his former girlfriend.

“You don’t have to say it, Calvin. Just go on with your life. You’ve got what you needed out of Taylor, which is to be on Hot Topics—and so Tom’s got next!” summed up Wendy.

But are Williams’ allegations that the actor is dating Swift specifically to nab the role of James Bond true? Not according to Gossip Cop, which denied Wendy’s claim that Hiddleston has chosen to romance Swift in order to be chosen as James Bond.

In addition, Williams alleged that Calvin and Taylor went together to the Met Ball, but when Tom desired a dance-off, she danced with the actor in front of Harris. However, Harris did not attend the Met Gala.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

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