Dana Satterfield, Jonathan Vick: Blonde Beauty Shop Mom Strangled, Hanged From Water Heater In Roebuck, South Carolina, On ID’s ‘The Perfect Murder’

Dana Satterfield, the Spartanburg County, South Carolina, hairdresser who was found dead in her shop over 20 years ago, will be the highlighted case on the next The Perfect Murder on ID. In the episode titled “Death and the Maiden,” South Carolina detectives are on the case of a beautician who is found beaten and dead inside her salon. After leads go cold, it will take two decades for an auto mechanic who knows a terrible secret to come forward.


Roebuck, South Carolina, July 1995

The body of Dana Satterfield was found in her beauty shop off of Highway 221 and McAbee Rd in Roebuck. Detectives had received a 911 call from a woman who had been waiting for a ride when she saw a white male jumping out of the salon window.

When detectives came to the scene, the salon was pitch dark inside. Using flashlights, they were able to find the body of a white female with her jeans around her ankles. The victim, identified as 27-year-old Dana Satterfield, had been hanged from a water heater inside the shop. An autopsy report concluded that Dana Satterfield was beaten, raped, and then strangled with a strap, according to Herald Journal.

The Investigation: Who Did This To Dana?

Authorities believed that Dana was murdered by someone she may have known, and her death didn’t seem to be motivated by robbery since her purse, her car, and some cash were found at the scene. The DNA evidence collected didn’t match any suspects. Dana Satterfield’s estranged husband, Paul Mike Satterfield, was ruled out after he didn’t match the suspect’s description, and it was confirmed that he was home with his kids that night.

With the case going cold, police took their message to the public. A composite photo was developed, and authorities told residents to be on the lookout for a white and blue Bronco. A tipster called the police and told them to look at Jonathan Christian Vick, a car dealership worker who had a Bronco just like the suspect’s vehicle. But police were not allowed to get a warrant based only on that fact. Plus, Jonathan Vick’s mother, Mary Vick, was very vocal that their Bronco was not the one police were looking for, and she wouldn’t allow police to interview her juvenile son. With no other suspects, the case went cold.

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A Beautiful Daughter Helps Solve The Case

Ten years later, the case was finally cracked after Dana Satterfield’s 18-year-old daughter walked into an auto repair shop and caught the attention of a man who knew who had killed her mother. Struck by her beauty, the man was shocked that Dana Satterfield had a daughter who was all grown up.

He remembered the case all of those years and cringed every time he heard an update on the news about it. He initially gave police information through an anonymous tip about Jonathan Vick, but because he wouldn’t give his name, detectives couldn’t move forward.

After seeing Ashley Satterfield, Michael Pace knew it was time to come forward and show his face. The auto mechanic told police that on the night of the murder, Jonathan Vick stated that he was getting a haircut at Dana’s salon. Then, he revealed that he wanted to ask Dana Satterfield out on a date. Michael Pace said Jonathan also talked about what he wanted to do to her sexually.

When he heard about Dana’s death on the news the next day, he knew Jonathan was the last person to see her alive. He didn’t come forward because he was a teenager at the time, and Jonathan told him that if he told anyone he would kill him. Jonathan Vick was finally arrested after his DNA matched the forensic evidence.

At his 2006 trial, a clearer view of Jonathan Vick’s true nature became apparent. His disturbing past includes the following details.

  1. Vick, who was married with an infant daughter, was an aggressive and violent individual who was called a disgrace by his former supervisor in the Marines.
  2. He was unable to keep a job because he didn’t get along with anyone and often engaged in childish behavior.
  3. The aggressive former Marine also had a hard time taking rejection.
  4. A former girlfriend, who had a child with Jonathan, told police that he once placed a strap around her neck and held her down in a bathtub.

A Violent Killer, A Missing Fiancée

Even more disturbing, Jonathan Vick was also the last person to be seen with his fiancée, Heather Rena Sellars, a 20-year-old woman who disappeared in 2002. Her body has never been found.

Key Points In The Disappearance Of Heather Rena Sellars

  • She was engaged to Jonathan Vick.
  • Heather often complained that Jonathan was abusive.
  • Heather Rena Sellars broke off the engagement two weeks before she disappeared but was still seeing him.
  • On the night of her disappearance. she argued with Jonathan.
  • Jonathan claimed he dropped her off at a bar.
  • Heather Sellars car was found at the bottom of a river.

Jonathan Vick cried in court, telling the judge that he didn’t do it and that there is still no justice for Dana Satterfield. A South Carolina jury found Jonathan Christian Vick guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

Since his imprisonment, Jonathan Vick has continued to get into trouble. He threatened a jailer, stating that he would kill him and his entire family, and he viciously attacked a fellow inmate.

To find out the latest in the case and to see just how police brought Jonathan Vick to justice, tune into The Perfect Murder this Wednesday, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Last week, The Perfect Murder told the story of Nikki Silas and Brittany Rojas, two exotic New York City dancers who were found dead in their apartment.

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