HGH On Instagram: 29-Year-Old Model Mom Gets Money, Builds Muscles And Controversy [Video]

HGH — also known as human growth hormone — is a controversial substance. However, some Instagram models and IG fitness freaks don’t shy away from telling the world about their usage of HGH in attempts to make themselves look better, younger, and stronger. As seen in the below preview from the British Channel 5 documentary titled Body Freaks: Make Me A Perfect 10, one Instagram model takes 100 selfies per day — and admits to using HGH injections.

According to New York Magazine, all of the fears about using HGH injections might be unfounded. HGH is something naturally produced by the body that starts to wane when a person generally hits their 30s. The latest scuttlebutt that has come along with HGH being prominent in the news shows fears of HGH causing cancers to grow or the heart muscle to dangerously grow larger, as reported by the FDA.

However, the experts interviewed by New York Magazine seem to allay those fears by reporting that no definitive studies have proven such ill-effects from HGH injections. Doctors test folks for low levels of HGH and prescribe the pricey HGH injections — which can run $900 per month and up — for great anti-aging benefits. Those benefits include better sleep, tighter skin, lower body fat, increased energy and more.

On Instagram, there are nearly 100,000 posts tagged HGH.

With the news about legal uses for HGH making folks who can afford HGH injections want more, it’s no wonder that some folks don’t mind telling the world about their HGH usage. As reported by the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Jacqui Ryland admitted to taking HGH injections and about 100 selfies per day to fill her Instagram page with pretty photos.

On Instagram, Ryland is receiving plenty of comments about how ignorant folks can be over HGH injections or steroids in general. When it comes to steroids, it is a blanket term that has always had scary connotations. In the below new video from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the topic of doping in Olympic sports comes up. It features an athlete crying when she said she was racing against people who were “machines,” because they were on steroids.

“Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.”

As for Jacqui from Worcester, the Instagram model has reportedly become addicted to the HGH injections that the single mom to three children said should be taken only with a prescription. With benefits being touted such as helping 60-year-old men feel 40 years of age, increasing one’s drive and more, it’s no wonder HGH is so popular. Jacqui listed the benefits that HGH injections have given her. She made the decision to get the HGH shots after her gym workouts weren’t giving her the results she wanted. Jacqui listed the risks of HGH, as she sees them.

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“It makes your skin look better, makes you look younger and your nails and hairs grow and shed fat. The side effects can be your heart can grow which can be dangerous. If you have a cancerous cell in your body it will multiply it at a quick rate. Is it addictive? Yes because of the results you get. I’ve noticed when it leaves my body, I put weight on, I feel tired and less positive.”

“You get to a certain level and then you need to get to the next level and you think, ‘How do I get there?’

“I have been told it is crazy and a massive risk. But if someone tells me not to do something, nine out of ten times I will go and do it. If someone said I was vain and body obsessed I would say, ‘Damn right.’ I don’t think I will ever stop unless I am dead. I cringe to be one of the world’s biggest selfie takers but I can’t complain as it has taken me where I am today.”

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