Beyonce ‘Bans Jay Z From Spending Time With Rita Ora & Rachel Roy’ As Couple Overcome Divorce Rumors

In order for Beyonce to get her marriage back on track, the singer has reportedly banned Jay Z from speaking to Rita Ora and Rachel Roy, let alone be in the same room as them.

The news regarding Beyonce’s shocking decision to keep Jay Z away from these women comes just months after the 34-year-old released her latest album, Lemonade, on which she openly admits to having faced rather challenging times with her husband of eight years.

In several songs, the mother-of-one is very vocal when stressing that Jay has supposedly stepped out on their marriage on multiple occasions, but she concludes “Don’t Hurt Yourself” by saying, “If you try this sh** again, you’re gonna lose your wife,” heavily insinuating that she has forgiven the rapper for his alleged affairs.

With that being said, Beyonce’s fans have yet to figure out who Becky with the good hair is — a reference she makes in “Sorry,” but with sources now claiming that the “Formation” hitmaker has demanded Jay to keep his distance from several women on her list, it is pretty apparent that this Becky isn’t just one particular person.

Radar Online claims that Beyonce and Jay Z have been working on their marital issues for the past couple of months. Things were really bad during the singer’s process of recording Lemonade, which was said to have been the time the aging mogul was still stepping out of his marriage with the bootylicious performer.

And while Beyonce has made it perfectly clear that Jay Z has one more chance to refrain from cheating, the 34-year-old needs more than just a simple apology to be willing to give their marriage another shot.

“Beyonce has got Jay by the balls and he’s very lucky he’s still around,” a source tells the outlet. “He misbehaved sure, but he’ll never do it again.”

The insider claims that Beyonce has made some very demanding rules — this is said to be the only way she knows that Jay Z is serious when it comes to staying faithful.

According to the report, the singer has gathered together a long list of Hollywood women Beyonce does not want to find Jay Z spending time with. She knows that her husband is quite a charming guy, so even just with him being in the presence of these women can lead to her assumptions that the 46-year-old is cheating.

“Beyonce made a list of all the women he’s been linked with and declared a ban on each and every one, including Rita Ora and Rachel Roy,” the source added. “She said she better never hear him connected with these women again.”

Rita Ora firmly denied rumors that she might have been Becky with the good hair seeing that she was rather close with Jay, who famously signed her to his record label Roc Nation when she was just 18. The British pop star ended up suing the label back in December, claiming that the execs over at the company weren’t doing enough to help her break into different markets other than Europe.

Since she aimed the lawsuit at Roc Nation when Beyonce put out her Lemonade album in April, many assumed that Rita had been caught cheating with Jay, and that was the reason Ora was not only suing the rapper, but she also demanded to be released from the contract she had initially signed seven years ago.

Ora stressed that there was no truth to those rumors, but it does seem rather strange that Beyonce would want Jay Z to stay away from Rita if she didn’t hook up with Jay — unless Beyonce knows something that her fans don’t.

What do you think? Did Rita Ora have a secret affair with Jay Z?

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