‘Catfish’ Returns In August: Nev Schulman And Max Joseph Travel The World To Find The Truth

Catfish is one of the most intriguing reality shows on MTV these days, as the show captures real-life stories about online love, relationships, and downright betrayals. The show has been on MTV for a few seasons now and it seems to get more and more interesting every season. The show has seen everything from multiple ganging up on innocent victims, spinning webs of lies and betrayals. In one episode, it was even a husband and wife, fooling one girl. The previous season did end rather abruptly and fans were surprised that the season was short. But, as it turns out, the show was just on a summer holiday.

According to a new tweet, the new season of Catfish will premiere in August and MTV announced the news this morning with a brand new trailer for the show. And based on the trailer, it sounds like Nev Schulman and Max Joseph will go to brand new places, including Alaska and even overseas.

“Prepare for new cities, new stories and brand new episodes of #Catfish all starting on August 10th at 10/9c,” MTV revealed on the official MTV Twitter account, announcing the newest season of Catfish.

Catfish ended late spring, and Nev Schulman announced that the season was being cut short due to the summer holidays. He revealed that they would be back in August and fans have been waiting for the premiere date to be announced. And it sounds like everything is well in Catfish land, as the show is returning in just over a month with brand new episodes. And as the trailer teases, the fishnet will be cast large.

Last week, Nev’s social media accounts were hacked and the hacker revealed that he would not be returning to the show. Of course, Nev has had plenty of things happen to him over the past couple of months, including an unplanned pregnancy and an engagement. With so much happening in his personal life, one can imagine that he’s very busy. But he’s not busy enough to leave Catfish behind completely.

Catfish is alive and well! As is my bromance with Max Joseph,” Nev revealed on Twitter last week, sharing that he’s more than ready to film future episodes of the show.

While Max is already married and has kept his private life away from the Catfish fans and his social media, Nev is a bit of an open book when it comes to his relationship. According to In Touch Weekly, he recently posted a very sweet message to his future wife, Laura Perlongo, who was sporting a baby bump in the picture.

“Totally amazed by this magical creature and in awe of the love and power she possesses,” the Catfish star wrote for the picture, adding, “Thank you for sharing this world with me [Laura] and giving me the greatest gift ever.”

It was just a few months ago that he announced that he was going to be a father, and just two weeks after that announcement, he had proposed to Laura. Since then, the Catfish star has been gushing about the pregnancy and his upcoming role as a father. No word on whether this pregnancy will affect his schedule with Catfish. One can imagine that she still has a few months left of her pregnancy and one can imagine that Schulman wants to stay at home for a bit with the baby. It is possible that they are filming the upcoming season of the show, a season that may air early next year, so the MTV schedule can run according to plan so Nev can take some time off.

What do you think of Catfish returning in August? Do you think Nev will take some time off from Catfish when he becomes a father?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for MTV]

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