Ryan Serhant’s Future Wife Packs Up And Heads To Greece For Her Wedding

Ryan Serhant has been getting ready for his upcoming wedding in Greece, as he’s been posting workout videos on Instagram. Serhant has revealed that he’s ready to get married in Greece, and he’s excited about going overseas to get married.

On Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan Serhant told Emilia Bechrakis that they should just get married in Greece so they didn’t have to find a location in New York or in Colorado. While they had been talking about getting married in Colorado at Serhant’s estate, he pitched Greece as a location because her family is there.

According to a new Instagram, Ryan Serhant’s wife is already flying to Greece a few weeks before the wedding, possibly to spend some time with her family being getting married. Over the weekend, Emilia posted a picture of herself on Instagram carrying her wedding gown at the airport. She posted emoticons to explain that she was leaving for Greece to get married. Ryan Serhant, on the other hand, posted a video of him working out in New York, and it sounds like he’s staying behind to work for a few extra days.

The couple recently opened up about their wedding, which is scheduled to take place in a few weeks in Greece. It sounds like they want to have a perfect wedding without having the traditional Greek wedding. In fact, it sounds like there have been plenty of ideas in the wedding planning process.

“I think it started at a million dollar wedding,” Serhant has previously revealed about his upcoming wedding, according to People. “That was day one. This is now four wedding planners and a year of planning later.”

“And then we started chipping away at that,” Emilia revealed about the wedding, adding, “And with a lot of Greek noes, ‘no, no, nope,’ we managed to bring it down.”

“Oh, my God, I am not singing for you,” Bechrakis revealed, which had Ryan Serhant chime in with, “But I would if you want me to, because I love you.”

All of their American friends and family members will have to fly to Greece to attend the wedding. Apparently, Emilia already has family in Greece, so it sounds like Ryan’s family will be packing their bags and flying to Greece to attend the wedding. And because she has family there, she may be flying out early to set everything up.

“My family is from Greece, everybody is there,” she added, with Ryan Serhant chiming in, “I sort of follow along [on the email chain]. It’s going to be awesome. It’s Greece, the coolest place ever. I’m getting my family and friends out there.”

While Ryan Serhant is now a famous reality star, one can imagine many people would want to come to his wedding. And when Fredrik Eklund got married on Million Dollar Listing: New York, he invited some of his developers to his wedding. He had become friends with them, so he added some work-related people to the guest list. But it sounds like Ryan Serhant and Emilia want to keep their wedding small and intimate.

“We’re having a small wedding, intimate,” Bechrakis has revealed about the smaller wedding, with Ryan adding, “A couple of hundred sounds like a lot to me. Then you go to Greece and they’re like, ‘Is that just for the first day for tea? Because our normal wedding is like 2000 people.'”

Serhant has revealed that the Million Dollar Listing: New York camera crew may capture the wedding for an upcoming episode. The wedding episode may not air until next season, as the current season is coming to a close.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s future wife leaving for Greece weeks before Ryan? Are you excited to follow their wedding journey on social media?

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