‘Star Wars 8’: Mark Hamill Reveals What Might Happen To Luke Skywalker In ‘Episode 8’

Star Wars 8 was busy shooting while Mark Hamill spent time on a panel interviewing a member of English rock band The Kinks. During the meeting, someone managed to squeeze details out of him on his Star Wars future. He let loose some very telling news. This will probably get him a beating from both Disney and Lucasfilm, as fans can decipher how what he says may impact the next two movies in the trilogy.

If he is being honest and what he says is true, then fans who don’t want to ruin the experience of seeing the movie fresh in 2017 may want to stop here. For those who crave speculation and possible plots, please read on.

As Movie Pilot reports, the news that probably no one wanted to hear is that Star Wars Episode 8 is supposedly Mark Hamill’s last Star Wars movie. Now that he has said that, Disney might turn around and undo the news, and put him in movies past Star Wars 8 just to surprise and shock fans, and as a lesson to Hamill not to reveal Skywalker secrets to the populace. But those who follow Mark Hamill know, he isn’t always the most straightforward. He may be twisting language around to hint at a plot that plays out like a Jedi mind trick.

According to Den of Geek, Hamill stated his Star Wars future quite simply.

“I finish Episode VIII, and then I’m out of work.”

Though it sounds quite simple and like it couldn’t be more straightforward, movie studios have the power to make a lot of things happen. That could just be what they’ve told him so far. It could be that he meant to say nine instead of eight. It could be a whole lot of things, but many people are going to take that as something similar to Han Solo’s fate in The Force Awakens.

Mark Hamill should know that those sorts of details are not to be revealed, especially so long before the release date. Unless Mark Hamill thought his public conversation was somehow private, then Disney will need to revise scripts and plots and alter major plans. Star Wars fans just won’t accept Episode 8 as a repeat of Episode 7‘s tragedy. Will all of the legacy characters eventually die in these new movies?

Star Wars: Rogue One made a major crowd-pleasing move by recently revealing they were bringing back James Earl Jones to be the voice of Darth Vader, giving the spinoff a huge shot of credibility. If Star War 8 kills off Luke Skywalker so soon after he meets Rey, Finn, Poe, and the legacy characters who manage to survive, then that is likely to enrage the masses.

Luke Skywalker is too iconic to Star Wars to just have for a little while and then get rid of him. His presence can anchor the future of the franchise. The current producers probably want to find a way to anchor the franchise in the newcomers, as the future for Star Wars rests in them.

Before Hamill suits up in Jedi gear to perhaps perish along with his Star Wars fan base, he will again provide the voice for the Joker in the DC animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke, a highly anticipated legendary comic book graphic novel adaption.

In the time since he first played Luke Skywalker, Hamill became legendary for his Joker voice-over work. He first started his Joker work with the game-changing cartoon Batman: The Animated Series, and has voiced numerous animated and video game renditions of the Joker ever since.

Hamill has taken back things he has said in the past, so don’t take his Star Wars 8 statement too literally until it is confirmed by others working on the movie.

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