‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: New Alliances Form, A New Budding Showmance Among ‘BB18’ Rumors? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers continued to come out late Sunday night (June 26). Within the BB18 house, another new alliance took shape over the weekend. The Big Brother live feeds have been providing a lot of information to viewers, and that now includes the formation of the “Fatal Five” alliance. A post on fan site Joker’s Updates reveals that Nicole Franzel, Zakiyah Everette, Tiffany Rousso, Michelle Meyes, and Da’Vonne Rogers are in that alliance.

A user on Reddit constructed a recent pictorial of what Big Brother 18 alliances have already formed. As of Day 12 in the BB18 house, there could be as many as nine significant alliances among the 15 houseguests. The biggest alliance is still the Eight Pack, which has been controlling the house for the first two weeks. Its members are James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers, Frank Eudy, Zakiyah Everette, Tiffany Rousso, Michelle Meyers, and Corey Brooks.

The Sunday night episode (June 26), revealed the Powerpuff Girls to the TV audience. The three members of the Powerpuff Girls are Natalie Negrotti, Bridgette Dunning, and Bronte D’Acquisto. It isn’t a very secret alliance, as nearly everyone in the BB18 house already knows about it. Two guy alliances that haven’t made it on the show yet are the Revolution and the Broliance. The Revolution consists of Victor Arroyo, Jozea Flores, and Paul Abrahamian, while the Broliance is Corey Brooks, Frank Eudy, and Paulie Calafiore.

The primary Big Brother 18 spoilers to this point, though, revolve around the Veto competition and the resulting Veto ceremony. Leading up to the Veto competition, the three nominees for eviction were Jozea, Paulie, and Paul. Paul became the third nominee when Frank won the new power through the Roadkill challenge. Paul ended up winning the Veto, though, and then he took himself off the block during the Veto ceremony. Forced to name a replacement nominee, Frank went with Bridgette.

During the first “live” eviction ceremony for the BB18 house, the vote will be between Paulie Calafiore, Bridgette Dunning, and Jozea Flores. One of those three will join Glenn Garcia as the first evicted members of this season. Although it’s not much of a secret at this point, previous Big Brother 18 spoilers have projected that it is Jozea who will get evicted on Thursday, June 30. At the conclusion of that eviction ceremony, fans of the live feeds and TV viewers will finally be caught up with what has been pre-taped this season.

As for the BB18 showmances, quite a few may have started popping up. These could be considered the juicy Big Brother 18 spoilers from the last few days, as it has a lot of social media discussing which pairing will last the longest. The latest one might be the most surprising as Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Acquistro were doing some casual cuddling and interacting alone on the couch following the Veto ceremony. Fans can check out an additional interaction on the live feeds at about 9:30 p.m. BBT (Cameras 1 and 2) on Sunday, June 26.

Early Monday morning (June 27), another interesting showmance may have started blooming. Paulie and Zakiyah were getting close again, this time with her draped across his lap as the pair cuddled. Will this pair last longer than the brief showmance between Natalie and Victor from the first 10 days of action? Monday is already Day 13 that the BB18 cast has been in the house, so it appears that some of the houseguests are really starting to warm up to one another.

As for the vote at the first “live” eviction this week, a lot of the house is still in the dark about what the Eight Pack alliance plans to do. Bronte and Paul were discussing Monday morning how everyone just needed to stick to the plan and vote out Paulie Calafiore. Bridgette was also in on that conversation, showing that a clear blindside could be coming for Jozea on Thursday, June 30. He won’t know until later that he was a focal point of many Big Brother 18 spoilers this week. Until the “live” eviction, the BB18 house may slow down a bit, unless something big happens among the alliances.

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