Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Really Concerned About Being Deported After Prison Sentence

Teresa Giudice is currently at home, taking care of her four daughters while her husband, Joe Giudice, is serving time behind bars. Back in October, 2014, the couple got two separate sentences for their involvement in the wire fraud case that had been looming over them for months. Teresa had to serve just under a year, while Joe is serving three years behind bars. But Giudice has one extra kick in his case — a possible deportation. Teresa doesn’t face this deportation, but one can imagine she may pack up her bags and go with him.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teresa Giudice‘s husband knows that deportation is a possibility after he’s done serving his time and he’s supposedly doing everything in his power to stay out of trouble at Fort Dix in New Jersey. The deportation wasn’t discussed during his trial or sentencing, so it is possible that the judge will look at his behavior in prison before making his decision. If deported, Teresa’s husband would be forced to go back to Italy.

“He’s worried sick about having to leave [wife] Teresa and the girls forever,” a source has revealed about Joe, sharing that he has become a model prisoner despite checking into prison drunk.

Maybe Teresa Giudice gave him some helpful information that could have caused him to behave. Maybe she knows that the judge will look at his behavior in prison to determine whether he’s determined to fix his problems and stay in the country.

“Joe doesn’t want to cause any problems, or act in any way that could be used against him,” a prison insider says, sharing, “He doesn’t want to stand out. He’s lying low. He hasn’t gotten into any more trouble. He’s doing much better now.”

One can imagine that some people know who Joe is and may be trying to cause some trouble with him in prison. According to an older Radar Online report, it sounds like Joe may be protected by some mob-related figures in the prison, who protect him from prison bullies. No word on where Apollo Nida fits into everything, especially since he is causing some trouble at Fort Dix. Apollo is the husband of Phaedra Parks, who stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Teresa Giudice has already visited Joe in prison, even though she is considered a felon herself. There are rules in regards to how often she can visit, but it sounds like she enjoys visiting her husband. While at home, she’s focusing on her health and she’s getting into yoga quite a bit thanks to doing yoga while she was locked up. And according to People magazine, Teresa is excited to do yoga with her husband when he returns home.

“Can’t wait to do yoga again with my Juicy Joe,” Teresa revealed on Instagram for a picture, where she and Joe are doing yoga, adding, “Love him.”

Giudice has revealed that she wants to get into the yoga business and do her very own yoga DVD. When she was released from prison, she had huge plans of making millions of dollars in the yoga industry. And it sounds like she still has big plans, according to People.

“I love yoga,” Teresa explained, adding, “It really changed my life. It really got me through this whole ordeal – it really did – being there and everything. I can’t live without it now. I want to come out with my own yoga DVD tape, my own yoga line. If you put out what you want, sometimes you get it. Never say, ‘I can’t do that,’ because then you’re already bringing yourself down.”

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe being scared of the possible deportation?

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