AVG Unveils 2013 Internet Security Line

AVG Technologies has announced the release of its 2013 consumer range of offerings, including new versions of popular products, like AVG AntiVirus FREE.

Along with new versions, the internet and mobile security company has also reworked their interface for products that incorporate touch-compatible technology, along with intuitive navigation that works well with the latest hardware and operating systems, reports Tech Gadgets Web.

The new line of AVG security products includes features like: a new user interface to provide easy access to frequently used settings, a smother installation experience from a Welcome screen, reduced booting time, smarter scanning that means a shorter scan time with AVG Turbo Scan, and enhanced firewall that is also simplified to help users choose how they want to personalize settings to protect privacy and identity online.

JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies stated that:

“The rapid uptake of new technologies is making the connected, online world a more complex place to navigate. Our customers want to focus on enjoying using the internet with confidence and peace of mind that they are protected, so it’s our responsibility to make security products that are simple and straightforward to use. As a result, we’ve put simplicity, privacy, performance and our leading protection technology at the heart of AVG’s 2013 range of products, because we know those are the things our customers value the most in a security product.”

According to PC Advisor, the new smart firewall will block network attacks, and will also help control access to your internet connection, leading to a lack of popups and alerts. AVG’s improved spam filter blocks about88% of junk emails just using default settings.

AVG Premium Security is also completely compatible with Windows 8, including touch screen interface, less use of resources, and a reduced performance impact on the user’s computer. AVG has decided not to launch a trial of its 2013 security suite, meaning that there is only a direct purchase option.

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