Coca-Cola Introduces Flavored Drops

Coca-Cola has a new plan: Deliver all of the flavor but only a fraction of the water. The company’s new product, Dasani Drops, will allow people to turn water into several fruity flavors.

John Roddey — vice president of Coca-Cola’s water, tea and coffee business — said that Dasani Drops will bring the company beyond flavored waters.

Roddey said:

“I think there’s an opportunity beyond just flavored waters.”

CBS reports that Coca-Cola’s Dasani Drops will hit the market in the next few weeks. A bottle of flavored drops will cost about $4 and will contain 32 servings. If the drops are successful, the company could move on to liquid drops for tea.

Coca-Cola is excited about their new product, but they won’t be the first company with flavored drops on the market. After Kraft Food Inc. released MiO in March of last year, several companies have jumped into the flavors game.

Kraft sold more than $100 million in MiO products during the first year. Coca-Cola is hoping for similar results but, at the same time, is worried that the drops could hinder its other beverage sales since the company already sells enhanced waters like Vitaminwater Zero.

Dasani drops will be sold next to Dasani waters in gas stations and grocery stores, and the company is hoping that people choose to buy both products together.

What do you think of Coca-Cola’s new flavored drops?

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