‘Resident Evil 5’ PS4 And Xbox One Release Set For Tuesday, June 28

Resident Evil 5 for PS4 and Xbox One is set to arrive early this week. According to a previous report on Gamespot, a remastered version of Capcom’s survival horror third-person shooter video game, Resident Evil 5, will hit the latest game consoles on Tuesday, June 28. The retail disc version will be available on July 12 in North America, Eurogamer noted.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom revealed that it will produce remastered versions of the game’s recent editions, which include Resident Evil 5, on the current generation of game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, Game Rant explained. Accordingly, Resident Evil 6 has already been released for PS4 and Xbox One, while Resident Evil 4 is also currently in the works set for a fall, 2016, launch, PlayStation Lifestyle noted.

Watch the announcement trailer below for Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 arriving for PS4 and Xbox One consoles, as originally posted on GameSpot’s YouTube channel.

The improved version of Resident Evil 5 compatible with PS4 and Xbox One boasts of a higher frame rate and a 1080p resolution. RE5‘s official product page on the Xbox Store noted that it will feature single-player and co-op modes. It will bring in Mercenaries United, a new game mode which combines The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion modes, Game Rant explained. In this mode, gamers can expect a “more arcade shooter experience” as they kill zombies and complete objectives within a time limit.

The re-release on Xbox One and PS4 will also include No Mercy, which is a more challenging version of Mercenaries and was previously made available for the PC version of Resident Evil 5, according to GameSpot’s report. As cited on Eurogamer, the No Mercy Mode coming to the PS4 and Xbox One remaster versions of Resident Evil 5 “throws even larger hordes of enemies at players because of the power of the consoles.”

'Resident Evil 5' PS4 & Xbox One Release
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Resident Evil 5 remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One also includes all the DLC released in the original edition. Thus, gamers will be able to experience add-ons like Lost in Nightmare and Desperate Escape once RE5 becomes available. Versus mode, four costumes, and additional figures will also be part of the game’s re-release.

A dramatic storyline can also be expected upon the release of Resident Evil 5 for PS4 and Xbox One. Describing the story, GameRanx shared that “the game follows Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as they hunt down a terrorist threat in Kijuju, though it’s quickly revealed that old enemies and friends may show their face.”

Resident Evil 5 PS4 & Xbox One Release
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As posted on its official blog site, Capcom described Resident Evil 5 asone of the most dramatic, high-tension entries in the series,” where Chris and Sheva are equipped with “a diverse arsenal of upgradeable weapons to fight the gigantic Executioner Majini, powerful Lickers, and even evil franchise villain Albert Wesker.”

Talking about Resident Evil 5, Capcom shared more via its blog post.

“Two players can team up to play through the intense and extensive campaign together, which includes boating through gator-infested swamps and exploring ancient ruins beneath Kijuju. Co-op in this game builds off of the satisfying, deliberate, and revolutionary gunplay introduced in Resident Evil 4. Friends can team up for both local split-screen and online co-op play. Remember, friendships can either be strengthened or shattered depending on how quick you are to heal your buddy with that first-aid spray.”

The PC version of Resident Evil 5 received a MetaScore of 86/100 on Metacritic and a User Score of 7.1/10. GameZone’s review for the game, as cited on Metacritic, said that the game “isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s so close, none of its flaws upset the experience as a whole.”

Resident Evil 5 remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One is priced at $20, GameRanx reported.

[Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Capcom]

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