Sleepwalking Mom Video Goes Viral On YouTube [Video]

A teen son turned his mother’s sleepwalking kitchen visit into a hilarious and viral YouTube video. The pajama-wearing mom wanders about her home and nearly waltzes in front of her refrigerator as she performs a series of other dancelike movements. Nick, the young videographer, goes by the screen name of “still soundly awake,” the Daily Mail reports.

The sleepwalking mother has an entire conversation about opening a tomato cage as her son follows her around the kitchen with a video camera.

The still snoozing woman had this to say during the YouTube video clip:

“It’s a special code. I was doing a special thing. But the tomato cage wouldn’t open. I tried many things. But it wouldn’t open and I’m pissed off now.”

After chatting about tomatoes, the still asleep mom dances a few more times around the kitchen and then turns to presumably walk back to her bedroom. A follow-up YouTube video is almost as hysterical as the original post. Mother and son are shown having a conversation about the sleepwalking incident.

Dear old mom has a difficult time believing that she walked around the house while asleep, danced a jig, and then talked about special codes to release vegetables from their cages. The son, eager as most teenagers are to prove their parents wrong, turns on the video.

A look of disbelief appears on the parent’s face turns to shock as the video unfolds. Her hand moves to her open mouth as she takes in the entire scene, which has been displayed for the whole world to see. Thankfully, it turns out that the Mom has a great sense of humor and cracks up laughing alongside her offspring.

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