Baby Dory: Just One Of The Secret Stars Of ‘Finding Dory’, The World Adores Her!

Baby Dory is just one of the secret stars of Finding Dory. It’s so easy to see why the world adores her! Baby Dory is the cutest little blue tang fish swimming in the sea. Just keep swimming… just keep swimming…

Finding Dory pulled in a whopping $136.2 million in ticket sales during its June 17 weekend debut. The Disney-Pixar sequel to Finding Nemo set new records, according to USA Today. Some of the film’s immediate success had to do with the secret stars who were introduced throughout the movie.

Sloane Murray is the 7-year-old newcomer who brought baby Dory to life. It didn’t take long for Sloane and Ellen DeGeneres to become friends. They even sat together during the June 8 world premiere. DeGeneres had this to say about her newest BFF.

“Baby Dory is even more adorable. Baby anything is just more adorable. (Murray) kept latching onto me because I guess she thinks somehow work together. She’s so precious.”

Take a minute to watch a little bit about baby Dory below. Chances are you’ll be in love before the clip is over.

Technology and special effects have improved immensely in the last 13 years. These improvements have a lot to do with the excitement surrounding the debut of Finding Dory.

Water is a huge deal in a fish story, right? Andrew Stanton, who directed both movies in the franchise, recently explained how thrilling it was to give the ocean “an update” of sorts. So much so, the water is another one of the secret stars of Finding Dory.

The filmmakers were able to incorporate all of the complicated properties of water into the movie. This included everything from rendering the light rippling through the depths to movement on the surface of the water.

“We basically include the surface and the reflection of light in every shot. We do it with coffee pots, fish tanks and pools. We did it wherever we could. We were kids in a candy store.”

In addition to baby Dory, Gerald the sea lion is another surprising fan favorite. Apparently, you’ll be hard-pressed to forget Gerald and his bushy eyebrows, crazy expression, and silly doggy-paddle swim. Rumor has it that other sea lions pick on him. But, don’t worry, Stanton says Gerald perseveres in the end.

You wouldn’t think that mere sea kelp would be the secret star of any film. Thanks to the producers of Finding Dory, it really did happen.

Stanton actually wanted to include sea kelp in Finding Nemo. However, the technology to make the kelp appear fluid just wasn’t possible in 2003. He explained it like this. “It would’ve been the budget of the entire movie to execute it.”

In Finding Dory, every stalk on the ocean floor moves differently. It’s possible now, because the unseen water currents are ever-present. The director goes on to say this about that.

“Each leaf, each stalk is offset from one another. And it plays a great narrative role as a metaphor for a fairy-tale forest where you get lost and then find the answers.”

IMDb recently reported that Finding Dory grossed more than $286 million, as of June 24. If there really is no better time to go watch baby Dory and adult Dory on her journey to the Marine Life Institute. Do you think she’ll be successful saving her mom and dad from captivity? Feel free to leave your thoughts about baby Dory below.

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