Adele (Finally) Adds ’25’ To Apple Music And Spotify

If you’ve somehow resisted the urge to buy Adele’s latest album, your time to stream it is now here. Although Adele previously stated she wouldn’t be putting her new album, 25, on any streaming sites, you can now listen to the full album on Apple Music and Spotify. The album has already sold 19 million copies since it’s release in December, and Adele’s current tour has sold out in almost every city. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the album in full yet, now you finally have the chance.

As streaming services become more and more popular, different artists continue to discover their own ways of how to navigate these services. We’ll never forget when Taylor Swift took all her music off of Spotify and got Apple Music to change how much they paid artists for their music. Taylor Swift has now become one of the biggest supporters of Apple Music, starring in multiple commercials for their company.

Taylor also exclusively released her concert movie and music video for “New Romantics” on Apple Music. Similarly, many artists have partnered up exclusively with Apple Music, releasing their albums with Apple Music first before the public. Drake, for example, has partnered up with Apple Music, releasing his latest album, Views, exclusively on Apple Music for the first 24 hours of it’s release.

Another popular streaming service is Tidal. Beyoncé most recently released her latest album, Lemonade, exclusively on the site before releasing it everywhere else. Her album still isn’t on Spotify, however.

When it comes to streaming it seems that it’s worth the monthly subscription. With exclusivity and unlimited access to all your favorite music, why not go all in for a streaming service? However, when it comes to which one to get, it’s best to know which service your favorite artists belongs to. If you don’t have the right streaming service you might find yourself having to wait just like everyone else to get your favorite artist’s latest music. And even then, an artist may still choose not to release their music on any streaming sites at all.

As Taylor Swift pointed out, streaming does have it’s positives and negatives for artists. Although artists can make more money by having their music on streaming sites, they also don’t get all the money that comes from those sales. Streaming services take a lot of that money, which is how they turn a profit, only giving a percentage of it to the artists.

For bigger artists who sell millions of copies of their albums anyway, this isn’t too big of a problem, even if it’s not entirely fair. But for smaller artists, this can definitely be a problem because it means less money for them. Hence why some artists resist using streaming sites all together.

Although Adele’s original plan was to do just that with 25, we are forever grateful that she changed her mind. With the addition of 25 to streaming services, all of Adele’s music is now available to stream. You can now listen to each of her albums in full as often as you like, over and over again.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to give 25 a listen and make sure to have a tissue box close by. This album will make you miss all your old lovers, feel like you’re falling in love again, and everything in between. If you haven’t listened to the album yet it’s time to find out what everyone’s been talking about. There’s a reason Adele’s newest album has already sold millions.

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