‘Overwatch’ Update: Torbjörn’s Getting The Nerf Hammer, And Players Are Rejoicing

It appears that another character on the Overwatch roster will be getting adjusted.

Thanks to fan feedback in regards to the balancing in Overwatch, Torbjörn will be receiving a change to adjust how matches are played on an overall scale. According to Forbes, Torbjörn has a high win rate overall. Sitting at a 70 percent win rate, a high percentage in comparison to other characters except Symmetra, Torbjörn stands tall on consoles.

Overwatch players should be more than familiar with Torbjörn, as he is the dwarf-like character who can place auto turrets in different positions. These turrets take on a life of their own in turn, and they begin shooting at any enemy who happens to get into close proximity. The turrets have an accuracy that makes them difficult to deal with if one is not careful, and they shred enemies with precision and a considerable damage output. As a result of this, Torbjörn is considered by some to be a character that ruins the game.

Blizzard has specifically targeted consoles for the Overwatch nerf, as Torbjörn’s turrets will destroy any character with less precise control. To nerf him on PC appears to be less of an issue, as players gain better control when using mouse and keyboard. It goes without saying that having a single character rack up wins to this extent is a red flag to Blizzard, and game designer Jeff Kaplan has let fans know that he is aware of how they feel about Torbjörn.

In a report by iDigitalTimes, it was said that playing Overwatch on PC and console are different. Players have more control over their aim using a mouse; the transition from one point to the next is smooth, and critical shots are better managed. On a console, however, moving the joystick leaves something to be desired in terms of accuracy. Blizzard has decided to leave Torbjörn as he is on PC. As for consoles, his turrets will see a 30 percent damage reduction. It will be a considerable difference when turrets are deployed, but such an adjustment will ensure that players have an easier experience on console.

Multiple maps on Overwatch have players believing that the match is unplayable if Torbjörn is on the opposing team. Even worse would be a team of Torbjörn, setting their offense and allowing turrets to do a majority of the work for them. Combine this with the abilities and ultimate attacks of other characters, and it makes it extremely difficult to deal with the auto turrets that Torbjörn leaves behind.

Other characters in Overwatch have already received nerfs. McCree and Widowmaker have been altered, mostly due to their impact on any given match. With Blizzard monitoring matches closely, it becomes quite apparent that they intend to maintain a healthy balance between characters. One can only wonder who might be getting the nerf next, but none are on the level that Torbjörn appears to be. As mentioned early, Symmetra has a win percentage just below Torbjörn. Blizzard does not seem to have made mention of her, leaving her safe of the almighty nerf at this stage of Overwatch as a whole.

As Overwatch is an online multiplayer game, Torbjörn would continue to thrive even during periods of high lag. Turrets automatically target characters, and characters would essentially be sitting ducks if connections become less than favorable. This further accentuates the argument that Torbjörn is overpowered, and Blizzard is seeing to it that measures are taken to avoid matches being won due to such an inconvenience.

How do you feel about the nerf of Torbjörn’s character on consoles? Would you say that it’s fair? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Blizzard]

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