Kyrie Irving Replies On Instagram To ‘No Black Girls Allowed’ Party: ‘All Different Shades’

Kyrie Irving was taken to task recently after an article emerged claiming that he threw a “No Black Girls Allowed” party on his yacht. Black Twitter exploded, especially after seeing the slightly-NSFW video below, which appears to have mostly white women jamming along in their bikinis with Kyrie. After that video made the rounds, so did rumors about a supposed friend or former friend of Irving’s who claimed that Kyrie asked for no black girls to be allowed to the party. The alleged source claimed that Kyrie prefers white women. Well, Kyrie has taken the time to respond to that controversy on Irving’s Instagram page.

On Saturday, June 25, Kyrie posted the below photo to his Instagram account, reflecting the fact that he was at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. Kyrie posted the pic that showed him being flanked by six people — with two women and four men. Irving wrote that his photo — and likely, his life — featured “all different shades” of people. Kyrie also wrote that folks should try a different story, obviously alluding to the reports that he banned black women from his yacht party.

After that photo, Kyrie posted another thought-provoking photo to his Instagram account on Sunday, June 26. That photo featured Kobe Bryant holding his championship trophy, looking pensive. Since Irving only wrote the fact that the photo reflected Kyrie’s current mood, his Instagram followers were left to wonder how to interpret the pic.

Whether it means Kyrie was upset at not being named MVP, or whether he is just basking in the glory of the big win and still taking it all in, remains to be seen.

But back to the controversy about Kyrie and black women. As reported by Madame Noire, Black Twitter was quick to “clap back” at Irving when they believed the rumors about him throwing a “no black women allowed” yacht party. It was a move reminiscent of the time that Donald Trump reportedly banned black women from a party at his Mar-a-lago estate, as reported by the Inquisitr.

People commented that it didn’t matter if Kyrie didn’t appreciate black women — a notion that wasn’t validated — because NBA players like Dirk Nowitzki surely knew how to appreciate black women.

The comments about the Irving rumors continued to roll into social media — with Kyrie’s alleged ban on black women firing some people up, whilst others thought it wasn’t a big deal.

As seen in the top photo above, Kyrie took off his snapback and tossed it in the air during the celebration for the Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA Championship win. The parade took place in downtown Cleveland on Wednesday, June 22.

[Photo by Tony Dejak/AP Images]
Kyrie irving wife
[Photo by Tony Dejak/AP Images]
As seen in the below sampling of comments from social media, people are having a variety of reactions to the recent rumors about Kyrie — and his response on his Instagram account.

“There were black girls on that yacht y’all should stop tearing each other down.”

“Y’all really believe an article that said Kyrie’s ex-friend said he didn’t invite black girls? Like who even talks to an ex-friend? I guess y’all are the same people who believed the article that said Boosie believes that Gucci is a clone when there is no video evidence that he said that on the Breakfast Club. Y’all are clowns and believe news lmao.”

“There are millions more who love black girls so don’t get offended. Everybody has their own preferences.”

“I knew he was going to post pics of his black relatives. So typical and he didn’t deny the initial story. Bye c*** @kyrieirving

“Kyrie dates Kehlani. She has black in her, y’all SMH.”

Donald Trump ‘Directed That Any Black Female Contestants Be Excluded’ From Mar-a-Lago Party For American Dream Calendar Girls

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