‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta:’ Amber Priddy Gets Touchy-Feely With Yung Joc In Front of J-Nicks

The next episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta puts Yung Joc back in the spotlight after Amber Priddy gets very touchy-feely with the rapper. It all goes down at her boyfriend’s house when the boys come over for a night of poker. It’s unclear why Amber is being so overly friendly with all of J-Nicks’ friends, but when she starts rubbing on Yung Joc, it’s a wonder that her boyfriend doesn’t go ballistic.

It was all fun and games when J-Nicks invited Yung Joc and his friends over for a friendly night of poker in the VH1 clip. Many of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta men were there, including Lil Scrappy, Kirk Frost, Bobby Valentino, and a few others in their crew. The only female around was Amber Priddy, and from the looks of it, she was loving all the attention.

The boys night started out with the group just playing poker and gossiping about a few things that had gone down recently on LHHATL. They even discussed Stevie J’s recent admission that he was never married to Joseline Hernandez

It all started when Amber started flirting hard with Bobby. When she brought J-Nicks’ friend a bottle of water, rather than handing it to Bobby Valentino, she tried to feed it to him in a rather seductive way. J-Nicks commented on the way Amber was trying to handle Bobby, asking his girlfriend, “What are you doing?”

Amber responded with, “He wants a drink.” Then, a moment later, Priddy followed up and said, “Maybe I wanna drink it for him too.”

After Lil Scrappy, Yung Joc, and even Kirk Frost began to discuss how J-Nicks can just let his girl act like that, Amber decided to amp it up and get rather inappropriate with Yung Joc as well.

In the shocking VH1 clip, Amber is seen spilling something into Yung Joc’s lap. Rather than hand him a napkin and let the rapper clean himself up, Amber leans in and starts to rub off the mess herself.

After Amber Priddy’s over-the-top flirtation with nearly all of his friends, J-Nicks has no choice but to wonder if he should even continue dating the Instagram model and stripper. In the clip, even Yung Joc commented on how Amber acts like she’s still up in the club rather than at home playing hostess so that her man can have a night in with his boys.

In his confession-style interview, Yung Joc addressed the confrontation with Amber Priddy. “I’ve been in some situations when Amber was in the club and I thought that she might have been a little too flirtatious,” Yung Joc said. “Not a little, a lot flirtatious. I mean that’s what she does and for whatever reason, J puts up with it.”

When the conversation cuts back to the poker table during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta clip, J-Nicks is talking about how Amber Priddy is just way too flirtatious with anybody and everybody. It turns out, J has more options and has been spending some time with Scrapp DeLeon’s baby mama Tiarra. It is during this clip that J-Nicks considers whether he should stay with Amber Priddy, or if he should drop his current girlfriend and start trying to get more serious with Tiarra.

In his own confessional, J-Nicks admits that Tiarra has been trying to convince him to get rid of Amber and start spending more time with her instead. He also talks about Amber’s flirtation and how jealousy is causing them to fight “24/7.” From the looks of it, Amber Priddy must like making J-Nicks jealous because she was overtly flirtatious with his friends right in front of him.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta clip is going to play out on Monday night on the next episode of the VH1 reality show. Be sure to tune in and let us know in the comments section of you think J-Nicks should dump the overly flirtatious Amber Priddy or if he should keep dealing with her.

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