Johnny Depp Divorce War Stresses ‘Worryingly Thin’ Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to have their divorce played out in the public spotlight. Signs that the highly publicized battle has affected Amber’s emotional and physical health include her noticeable weight loss and an episode of weeping as she left a church on Saturday, reported the Daily Mail, which described her as “worryingly thin.”

Heard was soothed by a pal following her emotional outburst near the church in Los Angeles. The 30-year-old actress has a temporary restraining order against Depp. Her allegations against Johnny include domestic violence, and Amber claims that the 53-year-old actor was both physically and verbally abusive.

Amber Heard was granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp.
Amber Heard was granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Art of Elysium]
The friend who comforted Heard is Amanda De Cadenet, who has shown her support for the actress throughout the tumultuous divorce from Depp, according to People.

A 44-year-old British talk-show host, Amanda turned to Twitter as part of her demonstration that she supports Amber. Heard’s allegations against Depp include a photo showing bruises on her face, which she says were caused by a cell phone that he threw at her.

De Cadenet also deleted a photo she had shared that was taken during a birthday party. The picture showed Amber’s hair pushed to cover part of her face.

Although a court hearing about the allegations of domestic violence had been scheduled, it was recently postponed until August. In the interim, the temporary restraining order that Heard has against Johnny has been extended.

However, despite the details Amber provided about her allegations that Depp abused her, the attorney representing Johnny has challenged the domestic violence claims. Instead, Depp’s attorney Laura Wasser contends that the actor’s estranged wife is motivated by financial gains.

“[Heard] is attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.”

The divorce battle began on May 23 after 15 months of marriage. In filing for divorce from Depp, Amber cited irreconcilable differences. However, when she filed for the temporary restraining order, the actress dropped a bombshell with her allegations that she was abused by Johnny during the four years that they were together.

After 15 months of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp.
After 15 months of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Art of Elysium]
“Amber did what she had to do to take care of herself,” an insider revealed to People.

While his estranged wife is in Los Angeles, Depp has chosen to stay in the Bahamas. Johnny has his own private island and misses only one aspect of Los Angeles: his children, a source told People.

One of those offspring, his daughter Lily-Rose, took the time to visit Depp on his island.

“He has no plans to return to L.A.,” shared the source. “He misses nothing about L.A. but his kids, and they are visiting him in the Bahamas.”

In addition to his children, Johnny has enjoyed visits from friends, who are “flying back and forth” to visit him on his island, added the source.

“Having his kids around is always great for him. He has really missed his kids. He likes being surrounded by people and everyone is trying to cheer him up.”

Although Heard had been scheduled for a trip to London to be fitted for a wardrobe for her film Justice League, she has lost so much weight from stress that the flight was cancelled, reported the Mirror.

Producers of the film were concerned that because of her weight loss, Amber is not “camera ready.” As the divorce drama takes its toll, the actress has shed 20 pounds from the stress. However, the trip to London resulted in another argument.

Heard’s attorneys said that going to London prevented her from participating in a deposition that Depp’s side wanted because her return to Los Angeles was not until the evening of that hearing.

However, because Amber was seen in Los Angeles rather than London, Johnny’s team reportedly feel that they were not told the truth. In response, her lawyers say that they did not receive sufficient notice.

[Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images]

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