Ariel Winter Slams Body Shamers And Confirms She’s Single

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has been the target of body shamers on a few occasions now and the most recent episode came when the actress posted a picture of herself prepared for her graduation party in a skin-bearing, figure-hugging dress.

After receiving numerous comments in response to the attire via her social media account, Winter took to Twitter to shut down the haters. ET Online shares the words of the star.

“Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don’t buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel #EmbraceYourBody,” Winter tweeted on Wednesday. “

Following the post to Twitter, Ariel took to Instagram where she simply posted a pic that reminded followers and fans to embrace who they are.

“Own who you are.”

As the publication shares, this isn’t the first time that the actress has been the subject of body shaming. Winter spoke with ET in March and felt the need to defend a gown she had worn to the SAG Awards back in January. The gown showed off scars from Winter’s breast-reduction surgery that she underwent last year.

“If I didn’t think about them myself, clearly I’m not ashamed of them. I don’t know why anybody would be. They’re not going away.”

Ariel continues being bold in her fashion choices, and she looks fantastic doing so. On Friday, the 18-year-old took to social media once more where she posted a pic of herself wearing a tiny pair of daisy duke shorts and crop top that had Burt Reynolds’ face on it. Burt will co-star with the beauty in the movie Dog Years. The duo began filming the upcoming movie that has been described as a “dark comedy” in Knoxville, Tennessee, 2 weeks ago.

Ariel also used her social media site to confirm that she’s definitely single and ready to mingle, by using a gif involving Kim Kardashian. Us Weekly relays the message sent by Winter.

“When you’re surprised that people just haven’t gotten it yet…” she wrote, along with a gif of Kardashian, 35, saying, “I’m like dropping hints that I’m single.”

The teen, who had been with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette for some time, has, previous to this incident, posted a number of status updates hinting that she and Gaudette may have split; but, this is the first time that the actress has confirmed the news.

Back in October, the teen shared her initial reaction when she saw Gaudette, and what inspired her to connect with him.

“It was kind of like I saw him, and I was like, I would like to get to know him. And I did! I’m very outgoing, so I kind of initiated the, ‘Hi, I’m here! It’s nice to meet you.'”

By December, it started to appear as though the two were taking some space for themselves and possibly going their separate ways. The two met in 2013 and went strong for 2 years. Winter and Gaudette have, since their split, stopped following one another on social media. However, the producer, singer and songwriter still follows Winter’s sister, Shanelle Workman, and co-star Rico Rodriguez.

As the Daily Mail shares, Winter isn’t just a beautiful face, she also has brains to complement her beauty. The star graduated from Campbell Hall School alongside celeb Elle Fanning. She’ll continue her education at UCLA this fall and eventually plans on becoming a social justice lawyer.

In January, the star spoke about why she chose the program she did.

“Social justice just feels like it fits for me,. I want to continue acting and also go to law school. I think the more knowledge you have, can only better your life.”

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