Jill Scott’s Wedding: Husband Mike Dobson Has Big Daddy Kane Surprise Jill

Jill Scott is now a married woman. As seen in the Instagram video below from the page of DJ Mars, Big Daddy Kane strolled into Scott’s wedding reception smooth-operator style in order to rap to his hit song, “Smooth Operator.” Jill finally saw Kane rhyming along to his own song once he began rapping atop the beat — a feat that caused Scott to nearly dance out of her wedding dress and create a nip-slip on camera.

Instead, Jill danced joyfully around after marrying Mike Dobson. Mike is a man who contacted DJ Mars and asked him to get in touch with Kane to surprise his bride at the wedding reception. Little did DJ Mars know that the wife being surprised would be the legendary?Jill Scott.

Other videos on the Instagram page of DJ Mars show Dobson giving a toast while Jill fans herself. DJ Mars called Mike a “total class act,” and a man whom he has known for 20 years. Still, all that time knowing DJ Mars didn’t prompt Dobson to spill the beans that he would be marrying Jill — a woman who has been loved by many as a singer and actress for nearly two decades.

jill scott
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jill scott wedding
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Scott first burst on the scene with her debut album in 2000, titled “Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1.”

That popular album spawned such hits as “The Way,” “Gettin’ in the Way,” and “A Long Walk” — all songs with lyrics that proved Scott was no average singer and songwriter. With lyrics about taking off her earrings and looking for Vaseline — as if to prepare for a fight — interspersed with other wishes about wanting to take a long walk with her love and discuss Revelation 3:17, Jill made listeners fall in love with her and her style.

It’s no wonder the videos of Jill’s wedding have swelled to nearly 30,000 views within hours of being uploaded to Instagram.

Jill was formerly famously married to Lyzel Williams, as reported by E!

That marriage between Scott and Williams — a man who was a DJ as well — lasted approximately 6 years. Jill and Lyzel were married until 2007. Jill also planned to marry her drummer Li’l John Roberts, but they broke up in 2009 after being together for 2 years and having a son together. Their son is now 7 years of age.

On DJ Mars’ Instagram account, he promotes the fact that he has a Kickstarter page for The Art Behind the Tape, a coffee table book about the history of mixtape cover art. The crowdfunding campaign has already earned a fair share of donations.


Meanwhile, folks are reacting to Scott’s marriage on social media, as seen in sample comments below.

“Our girl married now.”

“I love her — even the fan is everything.”

“Congratulations…continued blessings.”

“She’s so beautiful. So glad she is happy.”

“Jill has always been a beautiful woman but she was glowing that night. She’s always had a really beautiful smile too.”

“Jill’s married y’all!!!!! So happy for them…”

“This is so dope! Congrats Jilly from Philly!!”

“Who is the guy she married?”

“Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Hudson.”

“Wow so that’s who all them songs about I’m so happy for her.”

“Awww thats so beautiful, so happy for you Jill Scott.”

“Look at Jilly from Philly getting married with faux locs. Beautiful!! Natural hair wedding season!!!!!”

In the featured photo above, Jill can be seen holding her Grammy Award high in the air after winning the award for best female R&B vocal performance. Scott’s song “Whatever” earned her the trophy at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 13, 2005, in Los Angeles.

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