Unlocking The Starbucks Secret Menu With Colorful Drinks

Starbucks is taking over social media with a line of colorful, fruit-based drinks that allow customers of Starbucks access to a secret menu. These yummy options can be shaken, fizzed, and injected with tastes from vanilla to coconut to tempt your palate. From the purple drink to the pink drink, and now the orange drink, the way to go tropical is now at Starbucks, but it’s a secret that you can get in on.

According to the Inquisitr, there are all sorts of secret menus to a variety of products in addition to Starbucks like Netflix, where you can get access to shows and movies that others can’t. There are codes that you can use to gain access and find things you want to watch by genre, and it’s your very own, custom-to-order Netflix.

Well and Good says that some of the Starbucks secret menu includes healthy options that expand Starbucks into a whole new area. The Starbucks menu was a secret, and underground, but the secret is out. A Starbucks spokesperson explains that almost anything can be customized.

“There are over 170,000 ways baristas can customize beverages at Starbucks.”

And some of these beverages are less than 100 calories. One way to instantly drop the calories and add some vitamins is to ask for fruit. Well and Good claims that this is the way to really go “off the menu.”

“One hack that instantly adds antioxidants to your order: ask for fruit. It’s not on the menu, but baristas will top off your order with fresh blackberries or strawberries. The brand won’t specify whether they keep other fruits on hand, but hey, you might as well ask on your next trip and see what happens.”

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And that Instagram-famous purple drink that is all over social media? This is the Starbucks off-the-menu way to get it.

“Ask for the Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup (or skip it entirely, if you’re cutting back on sugar), and blackberries. And if you want to invent your own drink, do it—the baristas won’t get mad and intentionally spell your name wrong for subtle revenge.”

Bustle says that Starbucks is moving away from the varied shades of brown with coffee beverages with the Starbucks secret menu, and into a rainbow of flavors. But, move aside #purpledrink and #pinkdrink, because Bustle says that the new orange drink is the way to go with the Starbucks secret menu.

Eric Olson, who is the manager of a Starbucks location, spilled the beans so to speak about the orange drink.

“The delicious concoction serves up a delicious citrusy flavor that’s perfect to keep your thirst quenched during this hot, sunny season. As Olson revealed, the Orange Drink consists of orange mango juice and two scoops of vanilla bean powder poured over ice. The whole thing is then topped over with coconut milk. Seriously, how delicious does that sound? It’s like summer in a cup!”

The orange drink can be shaken, stirred, or fizzed up at Starbucks, depending on your preference. And the orange drink is now a hit on Instagram and Twitter.

But UsWeekly is sticking with the #purpledrink as their new obsession with the Starbucks secret menu. Us Weekly says that sizzurp can step aside, because there is a new purple drink in town, and only accessible at Starbucks courtesy of the Starbucks secret menu.

And the battle of the Starbucks secret drink menu is on, and it’s a battle of the berries.

“Move over #pinkdrink your reign was short,” a user wrote on her Instagram account of the Purple Drink. “Now it’s all about the #purpledrink, which is even better.”

The new, fresh flavors are abounding at Starbucks, and new recipes will continue to be leaked on social media.

What is your favorite flavor at Starbucks on the secret menu?

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