Samsung Galaxy S7 Leak Roundup: Name Confirmation, Home Button, Multi-Camera Iris Recognition, And More!

As we anticipate the massive domination of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 series for 2016, more news about its specs and design arise, and we are going to dissect all of the new details regarding Samsung’s “next big thing.”

Name Series and Major Specs

In a recent leak regarding Samsung Galaxy S7, it will reportedly have a device code of SM-G929F and it “is likely that it will have the very best in terms of RAM and other hardware which will make it equal to next year’s Galaxy S8 flagship,” according to Investment Underground.

Aside from top specs for the new Galaxy S7 series, Samsung will also launch an Olympic edition for both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. According to Sammobile, they received an information that there is an upcoming device with codename “Hero2_Olympic_edition” that is already under development.

Though Samsung has not revealed anything yet for the new special edition Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones, it is somehow clear that this project is going to be related to the Rio Olympics.

Samsung Galaxy S7
People attend the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

More clues align to what could happen for Samsung’s Rio Olympics edition. Earlier this year, they hinted that they might introduce the audience to the Olympics via virtual reality. It was even teased that there will be apps with codenames “IOC_Olympic_app” and “Rio2016_WOW_Olympic_app.”

Because of these two major leaks, it is possible that Samsung will be releasing a smartphone edition of the Galaxy S7 series that already has an embedded virtual reality integration. Samsung has already been offering free virtual gears for Galaxy S7 pre-orders, but only for a limited time.


More to Samsung Specs: iPhone-Styled Home Button and New Patent for Galaxy S8?

Meanwhile, there are several patents that were allegedly pushed for the upcoming direction of the next Samsung Galaxy S8 designs. The first one was about the improved fingerprint scanning.

The patent shows an iPhone-looking home button where the fingerprint sensor is going to be placed. This is quite a tricky thing for Samsung since they have been in legal battle with Apple for so long because they were allegedly copying Apple’s designs. Still, since this is just at the patenting stage, Samsung is not making any illegal moves against Apple.

One other interesting feature of the filed patent is the suggestion that instead of the iPhone-looking home screen fingerprint button, they would place the scanner at the back part and the positioning would work like the center button of a computer mouse. In the second patent, it shows that the user would need to hold the smartphone just like the computer mouse to place the finger on the scanner.

More on Samsung patents, there is also another patent that suggests Samsung’s possible integration of an iris scanner. In the patent, the diagram showed a multi-camera image processing system that will be used for iris recognition. The patent focuses on the possible plan for creating an iris processing system that could be used for the next Galaxy Note or other Galaxy series.

Samsung’s patent notes state the following.

“The iris recognition system #10 may generate an image signal by capturing images of the face and eyes of a user which are in a field of view for the iris recognition system. In various embodiments, the iris recognition system employs three lenses to capture the image signal, and then checks the iris of the user based on the image generated as well as other information.”

The patent looks bulky, but it is important to take note that these are just the systems patent for the scanner. Multiple patents are filed annually, but it is rare that they are used on commercial products.

We just have to wait and see how Samsung will be using these patents in the future.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]

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