Did Jinger Duggar Save ‘Counting On’? Duggars Confirmed Filming In Texas As Focus Shifts To Jinger’s Courtship

Despite a push from protestors to ditch the Duggars, TLC has renewed the Duggar spin-off series Counting On for a second season. With mediocre ratings and backlash from sponsors during the first season, many questioned how TLC could justify giving the family another chance by renewing the series. However, it seems the Duggars have pulled another trick out of their hat and dropped a bombshell that Jinger Duggar is courting professional soccer player Jeremy Vuolo.

Though the couple have been “getting to know each other” since December, the pair (perhaps strategically) announced just this week that they are officially courting. The announcement paved the way for renewed interest in the family as the second season of Counting On was still in the air. Thanks to the courtship boost, it has been confirmed that the Duggars are filming in Texas and that the series will air later this summer.

Jinger Duggar announced that she is courting Jeremy Vuolo, and Duggar fans instantly wanted to know more about the man that Jinger may, if her sister’s courtships are any indication, soon marry. Duggar fans were able to follow both Jill and Jessa’s courtships thanks to the family’s series 19 Kids and Counting. However, following the revelation that the Duggar’s oldest son Josh had molested some of his sisters as a teenager, the future of the Duggar’s reality stardom was in question. Things only got worse when it was revealed that Josh Duggar had also cheated on his wife Anna and had a pornography addiction. Following the shameful admissions, 19 Kids and Counting was taken off the air.


However, things were not over between TLC and the Duggars. The family somehow, despite backlash from former fans and sponsors, were able to secure a “three-part series” featuring daughters Jill Dillard and Jessa Duggar. We know now that the “mini-series” was a testing ground for a proposed new series that removed the focus from Jim Bob and Michelle’s home and focused more heavily on the older Duggar children’s expanding families of their own.

Jinger’s courtship announcement was likely music to TLC’s ears as Duggar fans will flock to watch the courtship unfold into a dream proposal and wedding. Another Duggar wedding would likely be ratings gold for the station and would provide the Duggar clan with enough momentum to keep the series running. In fact, TLC could likely milk Jinger’s courtship for two seasons, the first focusing on the pair “getting to know” each other before ending with a hotly anticipated proposal. The following season could then focus on wedding planning and end with a wedding special.

The second season of Counting On was confirmed as film crews were spotted in Laredo, Texas, alongside the Duggar family. The crews were filming Jinger, Michelle, and Jim Bob at Jeremy Vuolo’s church Bridge Ministries. The family was also spotted at numerous spots around the town with local news stations confirming the footage was set to air this summer on TLC.

The Sweet Loring Frozen Yogurt Instagram page posted a photo of Jinger with her new boyfriend Jeremy alongside Jim Bob and Michelle. The poster noted that the family had frozen yogurt at the establishment and also ate at Tacos Ravi.

Following the wedding, Duggar fans would likely be waiting on news of a new Duggar grandbaby and the interest could remain for at least a couple more seasons if Jill, Jessa and Jinger keep having babies as planned. If the baby plans fall through, there are 15 other Duggars who can surely find a courtship partner to renew interest in the show.

What do you think about Jinger’s courtship announcement? Do you think that Jinger single-handedly saved Counting On from cancellation?

[Image via Facebook/Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar]

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