Song Ji Hyo Struggles To Make A Choice Between Her ‘We Got Married’ Husband, Chen Bolin, And ‘Running Man’ Monday Couple Mate, Gary

Given the fact that she is the only female member of the main cast of popular Korean variety show Running Man, Song Ji Hyo is often singled out. However, that same fact also makes her extremely popular among Asian entertainment in general, as she is often asked to make special appearances or to appear on other variety shows, whether they be Korean or another Asian country. For example, Ji Hyo will be one of the many Hallyu Stars to make a special appearance on the K-drama remake of Entourage, which will star her fellow Running Man cast member, Lee Kwang Soo.

However, being the only female cast member of Running Man does have its “disadvantages” too, especially with the fact Song Ji Hyo is reportedly single. With that in mind, Ji Hyo was asked the tricky question of choosing between Chen Bolin of We Got Married or Gary of Running Man. Needless to say, it was an antagonizing moment for Song Ji Hyo.

Song Ji Hyo, Chen Bolin
Song Ji Hyo was paired with Chen Bolin, a popular Taiwanese actor, on the Chinese remake of South Korean variety show “We Got Married.” [Image via MBC Promotions for “We Got Married”]
The question was dropped on Song Ji Hyo like a bomb during a fashion event in Hong Kong on June 24, as reported by AllKpop. It is well-known that Ji Hyo would keep in touch with Gary given the fact they work together every Sunday on Running Man. Ji Hyo however made it known she still keeps in touch with Chen Bolin, even after their stint together as “husband and wife” on the Chinese remake of We Got Married (known as We Are In Love) had concluded.

“I asked how he was doing off screen, and we also met in Shanghai not too long ago. We still talk to each other from time to time.”

Eventually, Song Ji Hyo would have to provide a choice between her husband on We Got Married or her “Monday Couple” mate on Running Man. In the end, she could not make the choice as she likened it to choosing one of her parents over the other.

“That’s like asking if I like my mom or dad.”

It should be noted that often times, the couplings are made, either it be for variety shows that specialize in such relationships such as We Got Married, or not, such as Running Man, to utilize the boosting of viewership ratings. In real life, many of these couplings are simply friends and will often be sly whenever they are asked about their television relationships just to keep the anticipation high and the hype strong, especially among fans who want such relationships.

Gary and Song Ji Hyo
Gary and Song Ji Hyo have worked together on “Running Man” for almost six years. Their relationship as the “Monday Couple” has remained one of the cornerstones of their characters on the popular variety show. [Image via Yahoo! Philippines Running Man Fan Club]
Right now, Song Ji Hyo is continuing her cast member duties on Running Man alongside her “Monday Couple” cast mate Gary. In addition to the popular Korean variety show, the latest episode featured Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung, the female leads of the main cast of Doctors. As for Chen Bolin, he is still preparing to advance into the Korean entertainment industry through BM+ Entertainment, the agency known for representing Ha Ji Won.

[AP Photo/Kin Cheung]

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