Han Ye Seul: Korean Actress Of ‘Madame Antoine’ Takes Legal Action Against Asinine Netizens Trolling Baseless Comments

If there is one actress who is the epitome of the Hallyu Wave, as a model who gained even more recognition for acting, it is surely Han Ye Seul. Born Leslie Kim in the United States, Ye Seul began her professional career in South Korea as a model after winning the SBS Supermodel Contest back in 2001.

Two years later, Ye Seul would take up her current name and begin her acting career in the popular sitcom Nonstop 4. After her acting in the K-drama Forbidden Love received poor reviews, Ye Seul bounced back with another K-drama, a remake of Overboard called Couple or Trouble. Since then, Han Ye Seul has become well-known throughout K-dramas Tazza and Spy Myung Wol, where she became notorious for the latter for abruptly leaving in the middle of a shoot.

After a three-year hiatus, Han Ye Seul made her return to acting with the phenomenal Birth of a Beauty, followed-up with Madame Antoine two years later. Needless to say, but many K-drama fans have anticipated her return and she did not disappoint. Still, there are many trolls online who love to spread baseless rumors. This is true for almost any star of the Hallyu Wave, but some have it worse more than others. Han Ye Seul apparently is one of those Hallyu stars who has it worse than others, as she is now taking legal action against said netizen trolls.

Han Ye Seul, Birth of a Beauty
Han Ye Seul made her return to K-dramas, after a three-year hiatus, in “Birth of a Beauty.” The K-drama was extremely successful and Ye Seul received much praise of her role as Sara. [Image via DramaFever]
Han Ye Seul filed a complaint against the netizens, who have left comments and rumors that defamed her to Seoul’s Gangnam Police Station, as reported by AllKpop. Ye Seul’s agency, KeyEast, provided a public statement on her behalf in which they provided details of the complaint.

“For about a year, netizens who are not acquainted with Han Ye Seul in any way have been constantly leaving personal attacks and rumors on her personal Instagram, which caused her suffering.

“The agency has requested for them to tone down multiple times, but the situation has not improved. The mentioned comments have gone too far, and they’re affecting other netizens and fans. This is why we eventually decided to take legal action.”

It was not mentioned which netizens online have caused Han Ye Seul such pain or what the defaming rumors were. What is known is that Ye Seul is very active with her fans, especially on her official Instagram. Not only does Ye Seul keep the updates coming in, but she actually communicates with her followers, often responding to comments. Sadly, some of the netizens who are also her followers have crossed the line, leaving comments that could become baseless rumors. One such netizen claimed that he knew the actress for over 12 years. The netizen would than use that statement to enforce any of the rumors they spread or insults they threw. Han Ye Seul would eventually respond with the following.

“I really hope you receive treatment.”

At this moment, Ye Seul is keeping her fans up-to-date with her travels, where she recently went to Turkey and Spain. She learned about the culture, ate the food, and even took selfies at well-known monuments such as Taksim Square and Istikial Street in the former and Park Güel in the latter.

As for what Han Ye Seul is doing professionally, we do not know at this moment. Besides modeling, which can come off spontaneous to fans since there isn’t usually any hype or buildup for such work, Ye Suel hasn’t been doing much else. Han Ye Seul did finish Madame Antoine, which began back in January and ended in March, so she may indeed be taking a break.

[AP Photo/Kin Cheung]

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