Brittany Renner Instagram: Fitness Icon Drops Bombshell Secret About Her Past

Brittany Renner’s Instagram videos got emotional as she came forth with a heavy truth about her past.

Generally, when you see Brittany Renner’s videos, you only see the tip of her successful iceberg. Synonymously, when it comes to Renner, people only tend to see her results — the aftermath of trial, error, and painful years of perseverance.

However, the public rarely understands or acknowledges that most successful people have backstories — untold tales of the rough times; the unseen, massive underside of the iceberg.

Brittany’s Instagram posts got sentimental during her Diamond Discussion Morning Gospel session, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amid a few guests, Renner’s secret past came to light. Life hasn’t always been kind to Brittany, as many people can understand from their own experiences. There was a point that Renner’s career was at rock bottom, and she was living in a basement — but her fans never knew.

Brittany confessed that “anything is possible” — from both ends of the spectrum. Renner mentioned that, in 2014, she had hit a real low.

“This year makes two years when I was just in Michigan,” said Brittany. “Anything is possible. I’m talking ‘broke’, ‘couldn’t keep my phone on’…nothing. Like…[I] really went through it. Even when I started working with James, I was hotel-to-hotel.”

“You couldn’t tell from my Instagram, but I was,” Renner expressed “But, I believed in myself. Like, I’m meant to be in L.A. This is where I’m going to live.”

“I spent tons of money on rental cars, hotels…clothes to just f**king ‘look the part’,” Brittany explained during her inspirational talk.

If you don’t know, aside from the aforementioned life experiences, Brittany had her humble beginnings in Mississippi.

Also during her trial and error experience, according to Brittany Renner’s Instagram videos, she was involved in a more-than-toxic relationship with someone who practically “enslaved” her mind.

If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you might understand her viewpoint and how easily you can get sidetracked or discouraged.

Yet, to digress, during Brittany Renner’s Diamond Discussion, the topic revolved around other people’s projections and how they can affect your life — if allowed — and showing that you can be an overcomer.

You can listen to portions of Renner’s Morning Gospel in the following videos.

Disclaimer: The following video posts may contain explicit caption and/or language. Discretion is advised.

After having expounded during her discussion, Brittany Renner took to Instagram again. This time, Renner specifically addressed her “enslaver.”

She even mentioned that she’s had to undergo therapy to deal with certain situations.

In what appeared to be a “throwback” photo, Brittany’s Instagram caption explained that she went through four-and-a-half years of bondage while in the toxic relationship — fully ignoring all warning signs.

“Dear you, I feel like when we met you were everything I had ever wanted. You were always controlling, bossy, condescending, arrogant, etc. My Grandma, the very woman who raised me, warned me about you but I ignored every sign and mistook those qualities for leadership. You were my muse.”

“Your Mom was always so hard on me, her and I bumped heads a lot, I couldn’t f**king stand her half the time and how you treated her never made my relationship with her any easier but before I left you she gave me amazing advice,” Brittany Renner elaborated. “I will never forget that conversation we had out at lunch and even though we had our differences and I’m sure she hates me because you’re her son, I will forever respect her.”

As the cliché goes, some people are only in your life for a season. Likewise, as Renner mentioned in her Instagram post, “You’re never trapped.” That applies to people as well as conditions.

Brittany advised, “You really just have to put the work in, and that s**t will come.”

Brittany Renner was fortunate enough to realize that she didn’t have to turn a temporary circumstance into a permanent situation.

Overall, what do you think about Brittany’s Diamond Discussion? Can you relate to her message? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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