Johnny Manziel’s Father Thinks He’s ‘A Druggie’ Who Needs To Go To Jail

Johnny Manziel is “a druggie” that needs to go to jail, according to the former Cleveland Browns’ star’s own father. The revelation came around the same time that Johnny Manziel’s lawyer accidentally texted some members of the Associated Press about his camp’s desire for a plea deal. The problem, for the Manziel family, appears to be that the elder Manziel believes unless his son is thrown into jail and isn’t forcibly removed from the lures of drugs and alcohol, it will kill him.

TMZ reports that Paul Manziel is talking to whoever will listen about his worries for his son. The father of what looked like a budding NFL star was quite blunt in his assessment of his son, saying, “he’s a druggie. It’s not a secret that he’s a druggie.” It’s clear the Manziel family elder understands that the money the quarterback has managed to make just a few months into the league is the reason his life is allegedly overrun by drugs.

While Paul has talked about his son’s issues in the past, it seems the latest issues are more than Manziel’s father can stand. In the past, Paul has been rather low key about the kind of trouble his son has gotten into, apparently choosing to protect his son over throwing him under the bus. It appears the issue with Manziel’s lawyer and what that mistaken text message represents was more than the father could take. While Paul claims he wants his son to get clean and find a way to get out from under his addiction, it appears the old school Texan doesn’t believe rehab is going to do much of anything.

Of course, the Paul Manziel’s lack of belief in his son may be underlined by his son’s behavior while Johnny Manziel’s camp is trying to keep him out of prison. The text that has now been seen around the world was sent by the defense team to the wrong people, and it showed they are looking for a plea deal. The line that stood out to many was the revelation that Manziel would likely fail any probation regulation that would see him taking a drug test.

In the same texts, the lawyer Hinton said he was recently given a receipt that showed the quarterback had bought more than $1,000 in drug paraphernalia just hours after he got into the hit and run accident he’s now facing prison time for. “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle,” the attorney wrote, according to ESPN.

Paul also wants to be clear that this isn’t the family bailing on the former Heisman winner.

Johnny’s dad has made it clear he and his brood have all attempted to have intervention after intervention in order to get the quarterback clean. So far, nothing has been sticking. This is the reason why the Paul Manziel is now willing to see his son stare jail square in the face. Some of the intervention attempts, both by Manziel’s family and by his former team have been public. The Cleveland Browns announced after one of his previous incidents that they were concerned and were attempting to get him help. Another incident after that and the team took on the role of a concerned parent, announcing he had exactly one chance left to get his life turned around.

The quarterback, who has all the talent in the world, didn’t get his life turned around. Now, the former Texas A&M star is without a team. In a matter of days, Johnny Manziel might be without his freedom, and those closest to him are leaning toward that option being for the best.

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