‘The Walking Dead’ To Deviate From The Comics In Season 7 [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead has never been afraid to move away from things that happen in the comic books, or even change things so that the fate of one character happens to another character. An example can last season when Denise took an arrow the head, something that happened to Abraham in the comic books. However, from the sound of The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 7, the fate of who Negan killed might not change.

That might not mean much though when it comes to staying loyal to the comics. According to Yahoo News, producer Greg Nicotero said in a recent interview that Season 7 will not be a literal adaptation of what happened in the comic books when Rick and company met up with Negan and things really grew dark for the heroes of The Walking Dead.

“I don’t think we would be doing the material justice if we just regurgitated it word for word. There are iconic moments, and there are things that we will pay tribute to, and even if we don’t do it exactly the same way that we find it in the comic book, we will find a way for fans of the graphic novel to feel like they are getting their money’s worth.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Nicotero said that Rick will learn a lot from Negan over the course of Season 7, which of course means that fans can mark one name off the list of who will die on the next season of the show. There have been some major spoilers that were recently released that revealed the name of who Negan killed with his baseball bat Lucille, and it also appears a second beloved character will die as well, but those spoilers won’t be mentioned in this article.

Whoever dies will be a big deal, though. According to Robert Kirkman, who created The Walking Dead comics, the person who dies will shake things up and that they didn’t reveal the death because Season 6 was about tearing down Rick and costing him his confidence. It sounds like Season 7 will be about Negan teaching Rick a few things about surviving in this new world, which is a lot bigger than Rick believed it could be.

As The Inquisitr also previously reported, Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva will show up in Season 7, and that is who the men who saved Carol and Morgan are with. With The Kingdom showing up, two major deaths coming early in The Walking Dead Season 7, and Negan putting Rick through the wringer, there is a lot to look forward to when the show returns to the air in October.

Now comes the word that The Walking Dead Season 7 will deviate from the comics in many ways, which will keep even fans of the comic books surprised as the season wears on. Nicotero said that it should be satisfying to fans, both of the comics and The Walking Dead TV show, as Negan and Rick’s stories play out.

“The next season is a very different Walking Dead from the one we are accustomed to. I think that people will enjoy that the show continues to change direction and doesn’t just deliver the same thing over and over again. It’s the logical place where our show should go.”

The Walking Dead returns in October, and that is when fans will finally get to see who Negan killed with Lucille. Also coming in The Walking Dead Season 7 is the introduction of The Kingdom, Negan’s camp, more from the people living in the Hilltop camp, and possibly a big battle that will bring Alexandria to its knees.

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