Fifth Harmony Slammed By Angry Fans After Peru Concert, ‘We Deserve Better’

Fifth Harmony are being put on serious blast by a number of South American fans.

A slew of the band’s biggest fans took to social media this week to slam the Fifth Harmony girls after they kicked off their 7/27 Tour in Lima, Peru, on June 22, claiming that they were disappointed with the show and “deserved better.”

Fifth Harmony fan @Mariagarciatub took to Twitter to explain why a number of Peruvian fans were disappointed with the girls, claiming in a lengthy post that Fifth Harmony failed to sing tracks from their new album 7/27 on the opening night of the tour, arrived late, performed for less than an hour, and had overly tight security during a pre-show meet and greet.

“I don’t know how to feel or react,” the Fifth Harmony fan tweeted out on June 25. “I was excited because we were going to be the first country [to] listen to the new songs. But this did not happen.”

The social media user also claimed to have had a meet and greet with Fifth Harmony before the Lima, Peru, show but alleged that extremely tight security prevented her from interacting with the girls.

“We were told we couldn’t hug you or have any contact with you,” @Mariagarciatub wrote. “I couldn’t hug [you] individually, I couldn’t even thank you for saving my life because the security guard didn’t let me go,” the Fifth Harmony fan continued, claiming that they were “pushed away” by Fifth Harmony’s security team.

Other Fifth Harmony fans then continued to share their stories of their disappointment surrounding the Peru concert alongside the hashtag #PerúDeservedBetter5H, noting that the band went on to perform songs from the new album during their next show in Santiago, Chile, on June 24.

Fifth Harmony Slammed By Angry Fans, 'We Deserve Better!'
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“I’ve been here for the girls since 2012, I went all the way from Peru to Orlando last year and I was so excited to see them again this year, but my experience was terrible,” Fifth Harmony fan @karlaisfancy wrote alongside the hashtag. “I enjoyed the show but… Was it worth it? Nope, it wasn’t. #PerúDeservedBetter5H,” they added.

“I know it wasn’t their fault & that they have nothing to do with what happened but we didn’t deserve a s*** concert,” the social media user continued in another post, later adding, “The M&G was way TOO FAST, why? I don’t get it, we couldn’t even touch them and it’s supposed to be a good time.”

“What do we do to deserve this? @FifthHarmony #PerúDeservedBetter5H” @val_staystrong asked the girls on the 140-character site, while @JimenaGutman wrote, “We deserve a sign event or a free show. How could you all do that to us [though]? #PeruDeservedBetter5H.”

“I hate you guys @FifthHarmony #PerúDeservedBetter5H” Fifth Harmony fan @Coldxjauregui then wrote on the social media site, and ?@val_staystrong told the band, “I NEED YOU TO SAY SORRY AT LEAST! LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH BUT YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT THIS IS UNFAIR AND DISRESPECTFUL.”

The Fifth Harmony girls are yet to respond to the controversy surrounding the Peruvian show, though the band did tweet out some love to the South American country earlier this week.

“PERU!!! We love you!!!” the group’s official Twitter account tweeted alongside a snap of fans waiting for the band’s show before their joint social media account later tweeted out a thank you to fans who attended the concert.

“PERU YOU HAVE BEEN SO AMAZING TO US!” @FifthHarmony wrote alongside a photo of the girls. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you #727TourPeru.”

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 Tour opening night stop in Peru?

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