Kylie Jenner’s Shockingly Powerful Selfies Will Rake In Cash For A Touching Cause

Over the past year, Kylie Jenner has become one of the biggest and most glamorous names in pop culture. Her face is such a sought-after icon, in fact, reports Gossip Cop, that Jenner recently announced she will actually be selling the opportunity for a fan to take a selfie with her. The proceeds of the selfie sales, however, go to a surprisingly topical, yet heartwarming recipient: an anti-bullying fund.

Kylie Jenner is still a teenager, and she is young enough to where she has recent first-hand knowledge of just how bad bullying can be.

Cyberbullying especially is a problem for Jenner – and, indeed, for many teens of the current day and age – but Kylie has not been shy about publicly admitting she was bullied in school as well – she even dropped out of her high school in 2012 in favor of being home-schooled.

“I’ve been bullied since I’ve been nine,” Kylie told the world in a Snapchat confessional video she posted last June. “There are bullies everywhere.”

Jenner spoke out again more recently in this Spring’s edition of Wonderland.

“Growing up, I’ve heard the worst things anyone could ever say about me and bullying was such a big part of my life, with the whole entire world judging me and stuff.”

Kylie realized, though, that while she had to deal with a lot of people who simply teased her because of her famous family and ultra-luxurious upbringing, there were many less fortunate out there who were bullied even more harshly than she and did not have the incredible support system she has to back them up.

“So I started to look towards people with, like, I think, bigger, more real issues than I have,” Jenner explained. “They inspire me because I was like, ‘I’m getting bullied all the time, but they’re just haters and [these people] deal with real-life issues.'”

Kylie certainly had the drive to help others out with bullying, and now Jenner is pulling what one can only assume is an extremely satisfying one-up on her haters by profiting off her own beauty and fame (the very things for which she was made fun of) and donating it to a worthy cause.

Jenner has teamed up with the Los Angeles LGBT Center on its anti-bullying campaign, “Stomp Out Bullying.” They have set up an online contest where anyone can donate $10 or more to be entered in a drawing, the winner of which will win a Kylie Jenner selfie op. If the donation exceeds $50, the donor will also get a t-shirt embossed with the campaign’s slogans and signed by Jenner herself. And if the donor goes all-out by donating more than $2500, they will get to be included in an instructional video for Sinful Colors, Kylie’s recently unveiled nail polish line.

“I’ll be at the anti-bullying event on July 14th in L.A. and I want to meet up with you on the blue carpet! We’ll take a selfie when we meet up, too!” Kylie wrote in a statement. “All the money raised is going to do incredible work, so let’s stomp out bullying together.”

Just the fact that Kylie Jenner is able to make such a splash just by offering the chance to be in a photo with her is evidence of how deftly she has managed to rise above her own bullying and take full advantage of the fame and prestige brought with membership in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The question remains, though, would the winner of this contest rather receive a selfie with Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian? The world may never know.

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