Taylor Swift Just Met Tom Hiddleston’s Mom: Now This Is Getting Serious

Taylor Swift just met Tom Hiddleston’s mom, Diana, on Friday. Prior to this, Tom spent a week in Nashville, Tenessee where he got to know Taylor’s friends, particularly her parents on Thursday. So what do you think, folks, is this Hiddleswift romance getting serious or what?

Thankfully, Daily Mail keeps a timeline of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s romance, otherwise, how can we manage to keep up with it? This is definitely a whirlwind romance with the potential of ending into a “Speak Now” ceremony. Who wouldn’t be happy for the couple and for Taylor Swift in particular? It looks like she finally met her match, and thank God she never stopped trying heartbreak after heartbreak.

Taylor Swift was even a victim of slut-shaming for allegedly having seven boyfriends in seven years. The longest she has ever been in a relationship is with dance artist Calvin Harris, which lasted for 15 months. But then can you blame a woman for trying over and over? She only wants to be treated the way she wants, and from the looks of it, she is now getting it alright.

Taylor Swift just taught us all a lesson in love: We must never quit trying until we find exactly what we want. Also, we must never allow ourselves to be duped into something less than we expect. Although this is a Taylor brand of romance, the whole shebang echoes of Madonna’s old song, “Express Yourself.”

“Don’t go for second best baby
Put your love to the test
You know, you know, you’ve got to
Make him express how he feels
And maybe then you’ll know your love is real”

Understandably, Taylor Swift has been influenced by Madonna, and she does admit her influence in the making of her latest Album, 1989. Way to go, girl. Let’s hope everything works out right. So far, you are doing everything right.

Now that we get the gist of what’s happening between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, time to go into the details. Definitely, what set everything off for the new couple was that Met Gala dance on May 2. If Calvin Harris did not allow Taylor to leave alone for the ball that night, none of what we’re seeing now would have happened.

At the same time, we can’t blame Calvin for bringing this upon himself. After all, he was only being himself. Taylor said that her ex is not fond of red carpet events and that is why he never tagged along that night. If that is so, everything happens for a reason.

Besides, there’s another song that says that “love always finds a way, ” sang by Peabo Bryson in 1985. What this means is that if Tom Hiddleston never met Taylor Swift at the Met Gala dance, they would have met somewhere else in time. So it’s all good.

In photos snapped by Daily Mail, you will find a warm and lovely interaction between Taylor Swift, Tom’s mom, and of course, Tom himself. They definitely all look happy together. And Taylor can’t help celebrating with her girl squad that she has found true love. Us Weekly has captured the video.

It definitely is worth celebrating. It’s not every day that one finds love. In fact, Taylor has to look for it so many times before she finally found it. Can you imagine what would have happened if she never bothered to look for it at all?

So here’s the ironic thing about true love, based on the Taylor Swift experience. True, love will find a way. However, without exerting the necessary effort to look for it, there’s a good chance that it might pass you by.

However, countless other people have found true love in Hollywood. Just a few are Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Brad Pitt, and Justin Timberlake, to name just a few. This shows that from a bigger perspective, the Taylor Swift experience is more prevalent than previously thought. It also shows us that even in an institution known predominantly for acting, love still thrives.

[Photos by Mark Davis and Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

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