‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Shocker: Cardi B Talks About Leaving Reality TV- Find Out Why

Cardi B was an instant fan favorite when the stripper-turned-rapper spent her first season on Love & Hip Hop New York. Now Cardi is breaking hearts after she dropped hints about leaving the VH1 reality show because she was one of the cast members that everybody wanted to come back. Find out why Cardi would say no to Season 7 of LHHNY after becoming so popular during her breakout season.

Fans of the reality show have been waiting to see more Cardi B and even though she was one of the newest cast to join Love & Hip Hop New York, she was also one of the most anticipated to come back. Now it looks like that may not happen after the former stripper appeared as a guest on Hot 97 to talk about her plans and whether she intends to return to the show.

Cardi B was a guest on “Ebro In The Morning” on Hot 97 this week when she revealed that she has been considering leaving LHHNY. According to Cardi, she really appreciates the boost in her career that came with the show. She also says that she really misses being able to say and do what she wants without getting criticized all over social media for what she might say. Cardi also talked about how upset it makes her when the media portrays her as something that she’s not.

“You know what, when you grow up and what not everybody like, ‘I wanna be famous,’ and it’s just like when you do become famous and everything your life changes so much. I remember like a year ago… I barely had money like that and I was struggling but I was a little bit happier… I was a little bit more content… I felt a little bit more free… I could say whatever I want… I could talk however I want, I could look however I want, I could post my family on Instagram.”

The problem is, Cardi is a public figure now which means even if she leaves Love & Hip Hop New York, she will still hear plenty from her fans. Being criticized and reported on for every little move isn’t exclusive to the Love & Hip Hop franchise or just to reality TV. Now that she’s gained some fame, that fan base isn’t going anywhere so she might as well just stick around and get paid for her efforts. Just ask Erica Mena who left the show after Season 5 and continues to make headlines.

Cardi B talked about a lot more than just leaving Love & Hip Hop New York during her Hot 97 interview. She also talked about wanting to grow her rap career as well as some recent work she had done. Those who follow Cardi know that she’s had some work done on her teeth and now her smile is perfectly even and straight. Next up, she talked about getting her booty fixed after having some illegal work done on it in the past. Now that her paychecks are looking better, Cardi admitted that she may have to tweak some surgical work that was done when she wasn’t doing as well financially.

Not having Cardi B on Love & Hip Hop New York anymore is making fans really sad. Many are hoping that Mona Scott-Young can come with a better offer for the breakout reality TV star to entice her to come back for at least one more round on the VH1 hit. How do you feel about Cardi moving on from LHHNY? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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