‘Sister Wives’ News: Christine Brown Admits She Doesn’t Know If Mykelti Is Ready For Marriage

Recently on Sister Wives, fans saw that Mykelti Brown is ready to tie the knot and get married. Her mom Christine didn’t seem totally okay with this news, though. Now People is sharing that Christine Brown is admitting that she doesn’t know if Mykelti is ready to get married. The entire family acted differently when Maddie Brown announced that she was getting married to Caleb Brush.

Mykelti Brown is just 19 and is getting married to Antonio Padron, who is 22. These two have been dating for less than a year but say that they are the perfect match. Tony hasn’t even been on the show at all yet, so fans don’t know who he is at all. In a clip from this week’s Sister Wives, Christine Brown admits that she isn’t sure if her daughter is ready to tie the knot.

“I don’t even know Tony. Mykelti’s just so young… I didn’t imagine growing up so fast, because marriage is a huge, grownup step. I’m like, ‘You’re a baby.'”

Christine Brown goes on to explain that Kody was totally shocked to hear about the engagement. Mykelti had shared that her boyfriend had plans to ask her dad before asking for her hand in marriage. He must have said yes, but it doesn’t sound like Kody is overly excited about it all. Christine went on to explain.

“I didn’t know they were that much of a couple. I thought they were a having fun couple verses a being serious couple. He’s only come over a few times. I don’t know him as a person and I certainty don’t know them as a couple.”

Mykelti Brown did already share that she is planning to get married to Tony. She posted on her Instagram page sharing a picture of the two of them and saying, “I’m getting married to my best friend and I’m so happy. He asked, and I said yes, but what I’m really excited for is when we get to say ‘I do.’ I love you Tony.” Mykelti seems really excited about it. She is already living in the same area as Tony.

Maddie Brown is already married, but the family already knew Caleb Brush before they decided to tie the knot. Everyone seemed excited about Maddie’s wedding, but so far nobody is sharing that they are super happy about Mykelti’s engagement besides her. Mykelti hasn’t shared the details of when she plans to get married, but fans are really hopeful that TLC will get the wedding on camera and share it all.

Us Weekly did share that Christine Brown had a few concerns about Maddie Brown’s wedding when she decided to get married. The thing is, she wasn’t worried about Maddie and Caleb. She was actually worried that Maddie was putting off getting fit for her wedding dress too long and so she might have problems on her big day. Nobody ever seemed like they were concerned about the idea that Maddie and Caleb were getting married so young. They didn’t move in together until they were married, even though Maddie moved to the same area as him right away after they started dating. Maddie and Caleb do seem like a perfect match, and hopefully, Mykelti and Tony are that way as well once everyone gets to know him.

Are you shocked to hear that Christine Brown wasn’t sure about Mykelti Brown getting married already? Do you think that Mykelti is taking everything too fast? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. This week will be a big tell-all episode where the Brown family talks about some really serious issues.

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