Ali Landry Says Mario Lopez Breakup Was Better For Her In The Long Run

Actress Ali Landry had a rough year in 2004, when she and fellow star Mario Lopez decided to marry.

While Ali Landry says that to her, marriage is a serious commitment, she was floored to learn her new husband (who she’d dated for six years prior) had a string of infidelities during their relationship. Landry asked for and received an annulment to the marriage, but the experience was one that was bitterly painful for her at the time.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Landry describes the horrifying discovery that her lengthy relationship wasn’t what she’d believed it to be — she says:

“We were together for six years, but as soon as I found out numerous things – like, the floodgates were opened and the water just came rushing through – so once I found out all this stuff [and] I got proof of everything, I immediately [ended it.]”

In the interview Thursday with Billy Bush, Landry continued:

“I started talking to a lot of people, so I found out a lot of stuff, and then… [it was] terrible.”

Ali Landry says that the trauma of learning Mario Lopez had been cheating on her was devastating, and ending the marriage was doubly painful. She describes:

“A marriage is a very, very big deal, so it wasn’t just like, ‘Oh yeah, get married, get divorced.’ For me, my parents are still together. The sacrament of marriage for me is very, very important … I never even knew anyone who did that to someone else – didn’t even know that was possible, like [from] someone you trusted and loved. I was blindsided. The rug was pulled out from underneath me.”

It’s difficult to imagine coming out better from something so hard, but Landry says that the annulment from Lopez made it so she could meet and marry husband Alejandro Monteverde, with whom she has two children. Landry explains:

“I feel like today, I am a better person because of it and I really look back and think that was the best thing that ever happened to me … It changed me as a woman, you know, just the way I sort of walk through this world. Something was really terrible, but something absolutely wonderful came from it. That’s all you can really ask for.”

Do you agree with Ali Landry that sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can come together?

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