Charlize Theron Feuding With Michelle Rodriguez On Set Of ‘Fast 8’ — Ignores Entire Cast & Crew

Not only is Charlize Theron playing a villain in the forthcoming Fast 8 movie, she’s also said to be a rather nasty piece of work toward her co-stars, as has been alleged.

According to Star, the actress has made no effort in getting to know the likes of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson since production for the upcoming sequel begun last month. Things have reportedly gotten so bad that Michelle Rodriguez is beginning to feel uncomfortable being on the set with Theron, purely because of the negative energy she gives off when she’s around her co-stars.

A source for the outlet claims that Theron is always secluding herself from everybody else as soon as her scenes have been filmed. While the rest of the cast are known to catch up on life, other projects they are working on, and what they’ll be doing after they wrap shooting for the eighth sequel, getting Charlize to start a conversation has been literally impossible.

All in all, insiders stress that Theron is doing herself no favors by constantly ignoring the cast and crew, especially since the majority of them have been together since the franchise first took off back in 2001.

Ever since Paul Walker’s untimely death in 2013, everyone has more or less become one big family; but, with Charlize’s alleged negative vibes, it’s really becoming an unsettling environment for the actors to deliver their best performance.

“Charlize has managed to alienate half the cast, Michelle most of all,” a source gushed. “She’s grudgingly semi-nice to Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but Charlize ignores all the women completely.”

Charlize has a particular problem with the women she’s working with on Fast 8, the insider goes on to add, stressing that she avoids them at all costs.

Fellow co-stars Michelle, Eva Mendes, and Jordana Brewster have made several attempts to convince Theron to loosen up a little and enjoy her time shooting the movie. They’ve even approached her for a fun night out, but Star adds that Charlize always finds an excuse as to why she can’t come.

Charlize Theron “refuses to socialize with any of the women after work, using her kids as an excuse to go home. It’s like a weird competition. She’s definitely not a girl’s girl,” the source concluded. It’s definitely upsetting for fans to hear that the 40-year-old is allegedly causing problems on the set of the forthcoming action film.

Michelle has often said that working on the Fast & Furious franchise always involves a lot of fun activities; she gets to hang out with the people she’s spent over a decade of her life with, and on top of that, she’s just pleased to know that people are still supporting the movies, having grossed a whopping $1.5 billion with Fast 7 alone.

If Charlize Theron continues to give off the impression that she doesn’t want to be around the cast, chances are that she will not be asked to reprise her role in a follow-up. Knowing that she’s the villain in the upcoming film, it’s already speculated she’s going to be killed off by the end of the movie; but, the only people who know the answer to that are the Fast 8 producers.

Either way, Charlize needs to make an effort — even if she doesn’t like the cast. After all, they’ve been together for 15 years, whereas she’s just entered the franchise with what sources say is one bad attitude.

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