Ellen DeGeneres On Being Misunderstood, And Her Quest To Make People Happy

Ellen DeGeneres is well-known as a celebrity who aims to make people happy through her acts of kindness. In fact, the time slot which airs her The Ellen DeGeneres Show is considered the happiest hour on television. According to Extra TV, Ellen revealed that the very purpose of her show is to make people happy through comedy that doesn’t aim to take a dig at anybody.

Ellen’s childhood has had a profound impact on her career, especially her style of entertainment. During her childhood days, Ellen was very tender and sensitive, and the comedian said that these experiences helped her to develop her sense of comedy by observing the little details in life. In due course, her sense of humor became so impeccable that she could even spin pain into her comedy acts, however, her comedy was never aimed at hurting or making fun of someone. Even today, Ellen avoids resorting to mean-spirited comedy, as she considers it inappropriate to have a good share of laughter at someone else’s expense.

And that is why so many of Ellen’s fans were confused and upset when Ellen make a joke of an American realtor’s name, even going so far as to show the realtor’s phone number on TV. The realtor says that she received ongoing phone calls after the episode aired, with people making fun of her and her name. Read the full story here.

Ellen is undoubtedly good at channeling her emotions and life experiences through the characters she represents on screen. Digital Spy reports that Ellen DeGeneres voices an adorable but forgetful fish named Dory in Finding Dory, the newly-released movie that tells the story of an amnesiac blue tang fish who embarks on an exciting journey to reunite with her family.

Ellen has always been sensitive about the concept of family relationships and marriage, as her parents divorced when she was 13. The divorce was a traumatic experience for Ellen, who has since often noted that it was unhealthy for her upbringing. It was hard for Ellen to accept her parent’s separation, as she was brought up in a conservative home where there was no drinking, smoking, or cursing. As a result, Ellen said it was a shock for her to learn about her parents’ unexpected divorce as everyone in the house seemed very polite and cool-tempered.

Another issue that is close it Ellen’s heart involves the rights of LGBTQI people. Ellen declared herself as a lesbian on the cover of the April issue of Time magazine in 1997.

Since then, Ellen has been an outspoken advocate on many issues including gay rights. It is entirely fitting, then, that the movie Finding Dory features a transgender stingray, and Ellen is understandably excited about it as the movie will be the first of its kind to feature an LGTBQI character. Ellen not only teased the appearance of the transgender marine creature in the Pixar movie, but also addressed rumors of a same-sex couple being featured in Finding Dory.

Ellen has braved many challenges as a member of the LGBTQI community. Initially, many station managers thought that Ellen was using her show as a platform to promote her agenda on gay rights activism, and it took time for Ellen to establish herself by convincing everyone that her show was meant for everyone and that her only agenda was to make people experience happiness during the airing of the show.

Ellen and her spouse Portia DiRossi dated each other for 12 years before getting married once gay marriage was legalized in the United States. According to the Daily Mail, Portia accompanied Ellen to the premiere of Finding Dory before the duo decided to spend the weekend together, attending LA Pride festivities.

Ellen and Portia were spotted strolling together hand-in-hand in West Hollywood, where the festivities were taking place. The two looked stylish wearing sporty sunglasses, and their intertwined fingers showed how happy they still are together, even after all these years.

Ellen and Portia are both vegans and animal advocates. Earlier this year, Ellen appealed to Australians to conserve exotic marine species including the blue tang “Dory” fish, as the blue tang population is said to be heavily depleted due to the popularity of Finding Nemo, and the anticipation built for the sequel, Finding Dory. It has been found that movies like Finding Nemo have increased the popularity of exotic fish that thrive near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Since then, fishing enthusiasts have been fishing vehemently for the exotic species featured in the Pixar movies. However, Ellen’s appeal is likely to have a deep impact on the fishing enthusiasts and may help conserve the blue tang population.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney]

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