Kurt Angle Spilling The Beans Likely Blew His WWE Comeback, Imply Wrestling Insiders

Kurt Angle is one performer many professional wrestling fans want to see back in WWE, and with the announcement of a brand split coming in July, hopes have been high.

For a company that pumps out so much content on the back of an injury-prone roster, many called bringing back the American hero a no-brainer.

When Kurt Angle himself weighed in in a recent interview, stating that it wasn’t a matter of if he would be back in the WWE, but when, few fans could contain themselves.

But almost overnight, reports did a 180-degree turn, with wrestling insiders like Dave Meltzer claiming that it looked as if the door had closed on Kurt yet again.

What could have caused it?

On a recent episode of their MLW podcast, Court Bauer and John Pollock weighed in, and it appears as if Angle might have blown the deal for himself by talking about it.

When Pollock asked Bauer, a former WWE writer, whether it was a “smart move” for Kurt Angle to go public with the talks he had with Triple H concerning a return, Bauer said it was “never strategically advantageous to put anything out there until you’re signed and they’re putting you out there, and they want to put you out there.”

Bauer continued, “Before you have something signed, sealed and delivered, it’s ill-advised. And someone in his position who’s not a young guy, should be savvy enough to do that, but for whatever reason, he wanted to share so he shared.”

Pollock took a stab at locking down Kurt’s reasoning for the loose lips, saying that he probably figured he could put it out there and the audience would demand the WWE bring Kurt Angle into the fold.

“On the WWE side of things, if they’re going to bring back a Kurt Angle, they’re going to want that surprise return,” Pollock said, adding that “it makes a ton of sense on paper to bring in Kurt Angle,” but it didn’t make sense to let it out until something was already signed.

The implication here, especially since the WWE has reversed course on Angle, is that Kurt tried leaning on Vince McMahon without realizing that the industry is taking more of a turn towards youth.

WWE has a firmer footing in the professional wrestling world, and contrary to what people like Kurt Angle might think, they have enough good things going for them that they don’t really need to bring anyone back if the terms are not favorable.

Speaking to that, Bauer added that the only time he’s seen guys do what Kurt Angle did is when “you have momentum, and it stalls out.”

“They’re not emailing me back; they’re not calling my agent; maybe I should put some pressure on them. I’m not saying that happened to Kurt or whatever, but I’m just saying I’ve seen that happen in the past and that seldom works out,” Bauer said.

Should the WWE decide to bring back Kurt Angle, there are a number of ways they could do it.

Giving him one last run toward WrestleMania and then inducing him at the Hall of Fame ceremony the night before seems to be a favorite with WWE fans.

Having him step in and become manager of American Alpha, however, makes the most sense.

After manager Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain showed up on NXT to trash the former Tag Team Champions, having Kurt Angle come in to counterbalance Ellering would make for a hot WM-caliber program.

But what do you think, readers? To paraphrase Vince, did Kurt Angle screw Kurt Angle? Sound off in the comments section below.

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