Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Says Taylor Swift Saved Him From Embarrassing Performance At Paul McCartney’s House

Taylor Swift ended up coming to the rescue of Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl during a pretty awkward performance at Sir Paul McCartney’s house recently, Us Weekly reported. Grohl himself told the hilarious story during the international advertising festival Cannes Lions this week. It turned out the moral of the story was that one should always be sober when asked to play a song directly after one of the members of The Beatles.

Dave Grohl was attending a party at McCartney’s house, where the legendary Beatle decided to give his guests an impromptu performance and jump on the piano. After he played a new song, he turned to Dave and asked him to play something. Unfortunately, the former Nirvana member was under the influence when Paul made this request; but, Grohl certainly wasn’t going to say “no” to the offer, and he went along with it. When telling the story, Dave noted that he was “super high.”

Another problem Grohl encountered was the fact that McCartney is left-handed. All of Paul’s guitars were going to be difficult for Dave to play because of this, since Dave is right-handed, and the weed definitely wasn’t helping the situation. He had no idea what he was going to do.

And this was where Taylor Swift saved Dave Grohl from embarrassment. She stood up and said she’d play a song with Dave.

“I was like, ‘Oh thank God! Taylor Swift is here. Like f**king Batman when you need him!'” Dave said. “So she gets up at the piano and I thought, ‘OK, I’ll jam with her. So I pick up one of Paul’s left-handed basses, I’m super high, she starts playing, and I’m just trying to figure out how to play along with her. It was kinda like one of those nightmares where you’re running backwards.”

Grohl grabbed one of Paul’s bass guitars, trying to follow along with what Taylor was doing on the piano. It didn’t dawn on him until a few moments into her playing, but Dave realized that Swift was playing one of the most popular Foo Fighters songs, “Best of You.”

“She was playing this really beautiful song on the piano,” Dave continued. “I look at my wife and I’m like, ‘I know this f**king song.’ And she was f**king playing our song ‘Best of You.’ As if I weren’t high enough that f**king blew me into outer space. I just lost my mind. So I felt obligated to sit next to her and duet.”

Dave Grohl and Taylor Swift played the song, which segued perfectly into Dave actually performing “Best of You” at Cannes Lions for the audience. You can listen to Dave tell the story in the YouTube video captured below.

This story comes shortly after news of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breaking up, with Swift now romantically linked with actor Tom Hiddleston. All in all, it definitely looks like Swift is handling the breakup just fine.

Recently, some unreleased material from Nirvana somehow found its way online, and the band’s then-drummer Dave Grohl was front and center in the audio recordings. Apparently, a fan went online and purchased a reel from Nirvana’s In Utero sessions on eBay. One particular track, which is untitled, features Grohl playing all of the instruments, and it sounds beautifully hectic.

The instrumental is being played at a breakneck speed, and it really shows off just how great Dave Grohl was and still is as a musician. The song also sounds like it would fit perfectly alongside the rest of Nirvana’s catalogue.

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