Former ‘Bachelor’ Villain Olivia Caridi Claims Lifetime’s ‘UnReal’ Is ‘Scary Accurate’

Lifetime’s UnReal isn’t that farfetched after all.

Former Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi recently told Us Magazine that the reality drama is “scary accurate.”

Caridi appeared on Season 20 of The Bachelor and noted the similarities between UnReal and reality dating shows.

“Obviously, there’s a little hyperbole involved in UnREAL. [But] there’s a reason Chris Harrison and The Bachelor are bothered by it,” Caridi explained. “It was freaky seeing the comparisons and being like, ‘That’s what happens.'”

Caridi made a name for herself as Season 20’s top villain.

Speaking of villains, Caridi also discussed JoJo Fletcher’s main castoff on The Bachelorette, Chad Johnson. Caridi explained how producers create villains through the editing process and that she and Chad belong to the “villain clique.”

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Chad Johnson [Image via ABC]

“The celebration of his demise, if you will, was pretty great,” she stated. “At least no one celebrated when I went home. But he will be missed. He was the show, so I will miss him.”

According to the Stir, Caridi went on to erase all hopes that she’ll make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, something that Chad has already expressed an interest in.

“They wanted me bad, but it’s just not my scene. I couldn’t do it,” she admitted. “It just knew what it was going to be. I was going to show up and it’s just attack, attack, attack! I didn’t go to Paradise, because I didn’t want to go to Paradise.”

Caridi’s revelations left fans wondering exactly what happens behind the scenes on their favorite show and whether or not the villains are truly bad people.

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Olivia Caridi [Image via ABC]

Although Olivia Caridi is finished with reality TV, the new season of Bachelor in Paradise will feature a few of Caridi’s co-stars, including Lace Morris, Jubilee Sharpe, and Amanda Stanton.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting that Season 2 of UnReal is entering into unchartered territory and has reached beyond showing the inner workings of a reality series.

While its reality counterparts have yet to cast a black lead, UnReal has done just that in its current season.

In casting a black lead for its fictional reality show, UnReal has become one of the biggest political shows on television. Instead of politicizing its agenda, however, the series has done a great job in exploring a host of complex issues, including the hot topic of race.

Now that UnReal has opened up the issue of diversity on reality dating shows, will ABC finally cast a black lead?

According to the Daily Beast, UnReal highlights the potential controversies that might arise if reality shows include more diversity. With that in mind, it might be a long time before shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette cast a black lead.

UnReal, Sheri Appleby, Everlasting
Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer on ‘UnReal’ [Image via Lifetime]

In fact, host Chris Harrison was asked about casting more diverse people in a recent interview. Not wanting to weigh in on the issue, Harrison told reporters that it was “way above my pay grade.”

Paul Lee, the entertainment chief of ABC, was later asked a similar question. In response, Lee assured fans that diversity was on the way.

“I’d be very surprised if The Bachelorette in the summer wasn’t diverse,” he stated.

As far as UnReal is concerned, co-creator Sarah Gertrude explained that race is just as important an issue as any in modern times.

“In an era when driving while black is dangerous, there are few things more pressing than this conversation,” she stated. “We don’t want to fall asleep at the wheel. We really want to keep talking about stuff that we’re incredibly passionate about and we think is important.”

The current season of The Bachelorette continues Monday nights on ABC.

Tell us! Do you agree with Olivia Caridi that UnReal is an accurate portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes at The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Let us know in the comments, and check out a clip below.

[Image via Lifetime]

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