Andy Cohen Teases Something ‘Very Big’ Happens Between LuAnn De Lesseps And Bethenny Frankel Later In The Season

Could things between Bethenny Frankel and LuAnn de Lesseps get even worse on The Real Housewives of New York City? The answer, apparently, is yes.

During Bethenny’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night, a viewer called in and asked Bethenny if she would be a bridesmaid in LuAnn’s upcoming New Year’s Eve wedding to Tom D’Agostino Jr. if given the opportunity. Bethenny immediately laughed off the possibility. When Andy asked Bethenny if she would decline because she has something better to do on New Year’s Eve or it would be hypocritical, Bethenny replied that she wouldn’t be a bridesmaid even if LuAnn asked because it would be fake behavior. Bethenny pointed out that she and LuAnn don’t even have a good relationship.

“No. It’s totally inauthentic. I would be insane. It would actually be insane.”

Bethenny then hinted that viewers will see her relationship with LuAnn get even worse as the season progresses. Bethenny said that if viewers watch the rest of the season, they’ll really see why she wouldn’t be a bridesmaid even if given the chance.

Andy excitedly chimed in that something “very bad” happens between LuAnn and Bethenny later on in the season.

“Something happens. Yes. Something happens. Something big happens. Yes. Very big.”

So far this season, LuAnn and Bethenny have had several intense arguments. During the group’s stay in Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires home, Bethenny yelled that LuAnn’s a hypocritical woman who judges others while completely oblivious to her own bad behavior and what others think of her. Bethenny accused LuAnn of being a woman who frequently goes after younger and married men. Bethenny also lashed out at LuAnn for starting a relationship with Tom despite knowing that he just dated Ramona Singer. While LuAnn maintained that she didn’t know that Tom and Ramona dated and that they only went on one date, both Bethenny and Ramona said that LuAnn broke the “girl code.”

On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Frankel met up with LuAnn de Lesseps over drinks. Bethenny’s intention was to tell LuAnn that she wasn’t invited to the upcoming Mexico trip because Carole Radziwill, still angry over LuAnn’s criticism of her last season for dating her chef and niece’s ex, Adam Kenworthy, said that she wouldn’t go if LuAnn was there. Bethenny, who is good friends with Carole, wanted Carole over LuAnn. LuAnn, however, basically steamrolled over Bethenny. LuAnn invited herself to the Mexico trip and wouldn’t take no for an answer. After saying that she would love to go to Mexico, LuAnn promptly left the table, leaving Bethenny confused and stuck with the bill.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, LuAnn wrote in one blog post that she thinks Bethenny is so hard on her simply because she can’t stand to see her happy. LuAnn also wrote that Bethenny herself is dating a married man so for Bethenny to go after her for her alleged dating habits is hypocritical. Indeed, Bethenny later confirmed that she is dating a married man. Yet she pointed out that he, like she, is legally separated. Bethenny’s divorce proceedings from Jason Hoppy has been going on for more than three years at this point.

Bravo actually aired a Before They Were Housewives special featuring LuAnn on Wednesday night after TheReal Housewives of New York City. The special revealed what LuAnn’s life was like before she became a star on the show, from her childhood to her modeling days and then life as a countess and mother.

Did Bethenny like the special? Did it make her see LuAnn in a different light? As the special aired, Bethenny tweeted that she loves the “very endearing” special.

While some people wondered if Bethenny Frankel really did finally LuAnn de Lesseps’s special endearing, most of the other comments picked up that Bethenny’s tweet was snarky and sarcastic. Several people told Bethenny to stop being so mean.

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