Drake’s ‘One Dance’: 5 Female Remixes Could Make Drizzy Doubletake [Listen]

Drake’s song, “One Dance,” has become a worldwide sensation, and it’s not finished trending yet.

While Drake’s “One Dance” is a popular song in the United States, it’s trending even more around the world.

Outside of the U.S., many countries show incredible interest in “One Dance” — as well as other beat-centric songs on Drake’s Views album.

However, Drake isn’t the only artist who makes “One Dance” sound amazing. Although it’s Drizzy’s song, the dance track has received several remixes that are worth a listen or two.

For your convenience, a few are listed below.

Drake “One Dance” Cover Remix – Paris Inc.

This particular “One Dance” remix is performed by the X-Factor – Australia sensation, Paris Inc. Their video has already accumulated over a million views since its upload date a month ago.

Via Instagram, prior to shooting their “One Dance” video, the group mentioned as follows.

“Shooting our next video at this crazy secret location we found today.”

As you can see from the above video, it was a secluded area and possibly gave a great backdrop for the video.

The Australian group has received several comments regarding their Drake-inspired “One Dance” remix, and most of them appear positive.

“Guys this is seriously so f**king good,” says Josie Ralph. “Let me be the first to say this is bout to go viral!” Ralph continues as follows.

“I f**king watch this like 10 times no joke! I’m a YouTuber just starting out and I’d love to use this song in a video.”

Many of their comments resemble this praise-like nature. However, there are also those who aren’t feeling the “One Dance” video so much — like Sofia Hansell.

“Ok to be honest I don’t like this cover,” mentions Hansell. “I cant even [hear] ur voices from all the auto tune. I like the [a cappella] covers way better!! You guys sound like robots.”

In both specific remarks, the commentators received over 100 likes as well as accompanying comments showing agreement.

You can’t please everyone, right?

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Drake “One Dance”/”Needed Me” Cover Remix – Kiana Ledé


Sliding into a different vibe, Kiana Ledé takes a soulful approach to Drake’s “One Dance” track.

Accompanied by Mike Woods on keys, Kiana flows her vocals across Drake’s lyrics, providing her audience with a variation of chords and melodic fill-ins.

Since her version of “One Dance” released, she’s received nearly 2 million views and several, positive comments. One person mentioned that she subscribed after only three seconds of listening to the dance remix. Many others agreed to having done the same.

In the video’s comment section, various responses from her sizable YouTube following of 284,000+ subscribers request that she compose a song with William Singe.

If you’re interested, he also completed a version of Drake’s “One Dance” as well.

Drake “One Dance” Cover Remix – Kyra Simone

Kyra Simone is a Detroit native and former student of Martin Luther King High.

Via her social media pages, KSimone mentions that “Music is life.” And best believe that she gives Drizzy’s track new life in her rendition.

Actually, Kyra took an interesting position with Drake’s song. Once the music begins, you instantly notice that it’s not the same instrumental as “One Dance,” nor is it the same tempo.

Instead, Simone took it back a few years to a feature Drake did with Jamie Foxx, called “Fall for Your Type.”

To the tune of the aforementioned track, Simone spreads Drizzy’s “One Dance” lyrics over the song — creating a different perspective of Drake’s concept.

Likewise, her video has gained positive reviews so far.

Drake “One Dance” Cover Remix – Sonna Rele


Bringing it back to a soulful piano’s touch, Sonna Rele graces “One Dance” with another perspective.

While you heard Kiana’s piano-accompanied version above, this is quite different, and it’s most likely something you’ll appreciate similarly.

Sonna is well-known for her harmonies. Some people have likened her to London’s version of a young Beyoncé. Is that putting a lot on it? You be the judge.

Sonna is actually Ne-Yo’s London artist. He discovered this songbird via similar social media videos.

Just as Sonna created this “One Dance” video, she did a lot of covers prior to and after being discovered. This caused her to accumulate quite a massive following.

Via Instagram, she has nearly 230,000 followers.

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Drake “One Dance”/”Needed Me” Cover Remix – Alus

Here’s another songtress with a sizable following, Alus. Recently, she also remixed Drake’s “One Dance,” taking out the beat-centric style and substituting with an acoustic guitar.

However, she kept other elements of Drizzy’s song in her mix. After it’s all done, the majority consensus states that it’s a great mashup.

Alus is another cover artist that people believe should collaborate with William Singe. Some of her comment section’s feedback states that she sounds similar to Ariana Grande. However, many also feel that she has her own unique sound.

Yet, that’s for you to decide.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding these “One Dance” remixes? Do you think they hold up well against Drake’s? Or, are they in their own playing fields? Feel free to share your response in the comments below.

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