Blac Chyna ‘Giving Birth On Reality Show’ Amid Wedding Plans: Set To Overtake ‘KUWTK’ Ratings To Spite Kardashians?

Blac Chyna is reportedly planning to give birth on her forthcoming reality show, titled Rob & Chyna.

The show, which is expected to make its debut within the next two months, will be following the lives of Rob and Blac as they gear up for the arrival of their baby, along with their sudden plans to tie the knot in July.

It’ll be a busy summer for the couple — and with the news that cameras will be following their every move until October, Blac Chyna has come to the conclusion that she may as well have the birth of her baby documented for reality TV.

Why? Sources allege that Blac is very much concerned about the ratings her show will pull in once it debuts later this year. She’s already landed herself a show with Rob that will lead up to the wedding day — the twosome are looking at another reality show deal to have their ceremony televised in a three-part special.

But soon after that, Blac Chyna is expected to give birth, meaning that their main show will be back in production mode as cameras follow the socialite’s life as she gears up for the birth of her second baby, evidently making her a mother of two, as she is already a parent to Tyga’s three-year-old son, Cairo.

“Blac Chyna will most definitely give birth in front of the cameras. This will be a highlight for her reality show with Rob. Every detail of her pregnancy will be captured on camera,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“In fact, filming has already begun. Blac wants their show to be the biggest thing on reality TV and she’ll milk it for everything it’s worth.” If Blac Chyna’s reality show does well enough with ratings, there’s no doubt that execs over at E! will give them a salary increase to continue filming episodes for as long as people stay interested enough to tune in every week.

As of right now, it is unclear when Rob & Chyna will make its debut, but reports are claiming that fans can expect the premiere episode to debut in August, a month after the couple has tied the knot.

This makes perfect sense seeing that the show they are currently filming is only focusing on the couple’s lead-up to their wedding day. Then they’ll film the TV special in July, and have it seamlessly air as soon as their reality show concludes. From there, the show may go back into production so that the birth of Blac Chyna’s baby can be filmed.

But with all that being said, do you think Blac and Rob are taking things too far by publicizing everything for reality television? Coming to the conclusion that one wants to give birth on reality TV for the sake of ratings seems rather disturbing — at least that’s what fans have stressed on Twitter and Instagram.

According to reports, Rob’s entire family will attend the wedding — including Kylie. Chyna seems to have settled her differences with Jenner following a sizable social media feud last year that erupted all because of the 18-year-old’s relationship with Blac’s ex-boyfriend Tyga.

E! have yet to confirm reports they are filming Blac Chyna’s wedding special this July.

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