Is Mariah Carey’s Wedding On Hold Due To Relationship Problems With Her Fiancé, James Packer?

It seems that James Packer isn’t thrilled with the fact that Mariah Carey is not yet a divorced woman and reportedly the singer and the Australian billionaire have decided to pause their relationship and put the wedding on hold. Mariah and James allegedly postponed their nuptials because he is upset that his beloved fiancee hasn’t yet finalized the divorce from her ex, Nick Cannon.

A report from Radar Online claims that Carey’s relationship with her fiance has suffered because her divorce continues to drag on nearly two years later.

“Mariah and James have not solidified anything yet because they have just been so busy,” a source was quoted as telling the site. “Although Mariah still wants to have an end of summer wedding in the Mediterranean, nothing has been booked solid.”

Numerous reports suggest that Mariah and Nick reached amicable agreements on custody of their two children and the distribution of their property, but Cannon has not yet signed the divorce papers; therefore, the singer is still not free to remarry. Carey and the America’s Got Talent host were both spotted without their wedding rings in late 2014 after reports that the couple had been living apart for months. TMZ reported that Cannon filed divorce papers on Dec. 12, 2014 and Carey’s professional life is said to have been a contributing factor in their split.

While Radar Online’s report claims the couple has indeed put their wedding on hold, the often knowledgeable Gossip Cop says this is untrue.

“Carey can’t wed until her divorce is finalized, and it’s certainly possible her romance with Packer won’t work out for any number of reasons,” the article reads. “But right now, the allegation that she’s put the nuptials ‘on hold’ is untrue.”

The publication goes on to say that just last week, Carey said that she and Packer were “getting it together” and that she actually point-blank stated in her recent interview, “I have the dress.” There you go.

Despite the conflicting reports, the fact that Carey is still legally married to Cannon has raised fears that Packer will ultimately decide not to make the superstar his wife. Apparently the rapper/actor is ready to divorce Carey but the question is: Why hasn’t Nick Cannon yet stamped his signature on the document that will free Mariah and himself if there is no legal reason to stop him.

It appears that the one who has most benefited from this scandal is Nick, who recently released his music single titled “Divorce Papers,” which is obviously about his divorce from the 46-year-old singer. Speaking with Genius, the father-of-two opened up and shared the meaning behind the song’s name.

“I named the song ‘Divorce Papers’ to throw it back in everyone’s face,” Cannon said. “The media made up a lie that I was holding up the process saying I wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. So I was like, ‘You want ‘Divorce Papers’ well here you go!’ The lawyers line was also me releasing a little frustration at the attorneys on both sides because lawyers always think they control the clients and they cause most of the friction especially since my ex and I get along. So ultimately the writing process was and continues to be therapeutic for me.”

According to TMZ, Carey is baffled at Cannon’s angry rap about child custody and divorce and their sources say Mariah has never denied him access to the twins and Nick has always been able to see them when he wanted. But the 35-year-old says that the song isn’t about Carey, and he insists it is about their respective lawyers.

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