Demi Lovato Promises To Quit Social Media, Lasts For One Day

Demi Lovato has quit one of the most important parts of any millennial’s life recently. Demi had recently quit Twitter and Instagram, according to Billboard.

Demi went on the public on Monday to announce to her fans that she would be quitting Instagram and Twitter, with the reassuring statement that she will still be active on Snapchat. Why Snapchat of all places? Demi made the argument that she prefers Snapchat due to not having to see what some people have to say about her.

Her quitting did not last too long, as she returned a day later, on Tuesday. This is not unlikely as musicians quitting social media can be somewhat compared to boxers who say that they will be hanging up their gloves and going into retirement. The intention of leaving is there, but it never truly stays for too long. From the way it sounded, Demi Lovato felt strongly about lessening her social media presence, but the burden of leaving behind her 36.6 million Twitter followers and 40.8 million Instagram followers seemed too much for her, even if she still promised to keep everyone updated with her Snapchat.

At the time Lovato made the decision, it was unclear what comments had provoked her to make the choice. She did mention that some negative feedback came her way targeted at her mental health charity, and that may certainly have played a part in her decision. Demi encouraged her followers and everyone who keeps up with her on social media to not speak ill about her charity and to focus on the good things in life instead of the negativity.

As of Tuesday, Demi had not tweeted or posted any new Instagram photos since Monday evening, but both of her accounts were still active. She later tweeted that she was back shortly after she reactivated her accounts.

When Demi Lovato got back on Twitter and Instagram the following day, a realization had hit her. According to Daily Mail, Demi Lovato promised to be more honest with her fan base.

The realization seemed to come to her after she somewhat understood that she had disappointed her fans. Demi followed up with more posts following her “I’m back!” tweet and said that she will always love her fans over her haters. Lovato even went further to question herself on what made her think quitting Twitter and Instagram was a good idea.

“F*** this.. I’m back b*tches. And I’m coming back more honest than ever”

“I love my Lovatics so f***ing much”

“I love my Lovatics too much to leave them over some lame a** haters.. What was I thinking?!”

Although Demi Lovato might have gained a little notoriety after a comment she made on Twitter, hinting at Ariana Grande being an inferior version of Mariah Carey, saying that the person had it the other way around. The tweet showed a side by side meme of photos of both Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande with the caption poking fun at the expectation of ordering online versus the reality of when the order arrives.

“The purpose of that post was legit not to shade… The caption on that did say both positive things for Mariah and Ariana… I don’t understand why Demi had commented to turn it into something that it wasn’t… [I know] it’s her friend and all but nothing bad was actually said about Ariana on there.”

The comment immediately sparked the attention of many of Mariah Carey’s fans as they came out to hit back at Lovato for the comment. Demi later defended herself by saying that she did not think of Carey as a nice person, citing the feud that Mariah Carey had previously had against Jennifer Lopez as an example. The “Cool for the Summer” singer defended Lopez by saying that she managed to stay classy despite Mariah Carey being flat out mean for no reason, which is also testified by Lopez remaining tight-lipped about the situation. Carey and her supposed issues with Lopez came to light during an infamous interview when Carey stated that she did not know who Jennifer Lopez was.

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