Cody Rhodes Has Been Talking With WWE Officials, Could Be Signing New Contract With WWE

Cody Rhodes requested his release, and it was granted by WWE, back in May. Before his release, it was revealed in a personal statement by Cody that he had attempted to bring back the identity of Cody Rhodes to WWE programming, and end the “Stardust” gimmick that he had been using for almost two full years.

The reasoning behind his request for release from WWE could be described as a lack of creative output, complacency, and a lack of passion for an industry he had grown up with, and had been a part of for roughly a decade. Unfortunately, Cody didn’t leave WWE on the best of terms, according to some reports, and it seemed like some time would pass before Cody Rhodes and WWE would do business again.

However, the wrestling industry can be extremely interesting, and some doors that were believed to be closed can reopen at any time. According to a report from Daily Wrestling News, Cody Rhodes has been talking with WWE officials over the past few days about potentially signing a new contract with the company.

Stardust Waits For His Opponent in a Strange Pose on the Ropes
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Before everyone goes crazy, there is no indication in the report that Rhodes will be returning to WWE programming or will make a return to the ring for WWE. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be a talent contract. In fact, it would be quite similar to a WWE Legends deal that would allow WWE to release merchandise with Cody’s blessing, and most likely feature him in things like WWE2K17.

One possibility that the report discusses is that WWE had plans in place for more Stardust merchandise, and are offering Rhodes some kind of a deal so all that merchandise can be sold legally. There will likely be a lot of terms and complicated wording in the contract, but it is something to keep the relationship between Cody and WWE alive so that the door could remain open for a return.

Shortly after Cody left WWE, he made a wish list of talent and promotions that he wanted to work with on the independent scene. Rhodes has done very well crossing out several big names off the list, and he set up some big matches very quickly for when his non-compete with WWE expires in August.

For example, Rhodes will face former TNA and WWE Champion Kurt Angle at Northeast Wrestling’s “Under the Stars” event in Wappingers Falls, New York on August 27. Elsewhere, he has matches set with Mike Bennett of TNA, and many others on the list that he released. Since leaving WWE, Cody Rhodes has done well. He hasn’t signed with a major promotion as of this writing, but he seems to have his pick of the industry. However, this merchandise deal could lead to better things for Cody and WWE.

Cody Rhodes Shows Off His Intercontinental Championship
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In a nutshell, Cody Rhodes left WWE because of a lack of creativity, which was one of his greatest strengths throughout his run with the company, and he was criminally underutilized, according to Rhodes and the WWE Universe. During his WWE tenure, Cody played several different characters, was a two-time Intercontinental Champion, and a six-time WWE Tag Team Champion.

There have been some reports about WWE officials looking for former talent to help fill the roster after the brand extension that will take place in July. Although they’ve been looking for former talents that are over 40, Cody Rhodes could help fill that void if the two sides continue to talk on a part-time basis, especially if WWE is willing to let him have more input creatively and receive a bigger push on Raw or SmackDown after the brand split. The WWE Universe would welcome him back with open arms.

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