Anna Duggar Cleans Her In-Laws’ Bathrooms, Does Other ‘Dirty Work Nobody Else Wants To Do’

Anna Duggar celebrated her 28th birthday today, and two of her sisters-in-law honored her with a special video message. Joy-Anna and Jana Duggar hint that Josh Duggar’s wife has been spending a lot of time at their parents’ home in Arkansas, and it seems as though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are taking advantage of Anna’s presence by having her perform the most unpleasant household chores.

As People reports, Joy-Anna and Jana begin their birthday message by praising Anna Duggar for relying on her faith to help her persevere whenever the going gets tough.

“We’re so grateful for the love for the lord,” Jana says in the video, which was shared on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page. “You really challenge me in how you have sought the lord so much through the good times and the hard times.”

Anna Duggar Had A Rough 2015 That Including Josh Duggar's Molestation Confession And Cheating Scandal
Anna Duggar tears up while talking about her husband’s cheating scandal (image via TLC/YouTube)

The “hard times” include Josh Duggar’s confession that he sexually molested five young girls, including four of his younger sisters, as a teenager and the revelation that Anna Duggar’s husband of seven years had cheated on her. As Entertainment Tonight reports, Josh Duggar confessed to being unfaithful to his wife last August after it was discovered that he had a paid Ashley Madison account. Josh also claimed that he was suffering from an addiction to internet pornography, so he decided to spend six months at a faith-based recovery center. He returned home to Arkansas last month, but it’s unclear where he and Anna have been living. Anna stayed in the girls’ dorm at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s massive compound while he was away, and Joy-Anna and Jana Duggar make it sound like she still spends a lot of time there.

In Anna Duggar’s birthday video, the adult Duggar daughters praise their brother’s wife for having a “servant’s heart,” and they proceed to list the many ways the mother of four has been helping out around the house.

According to Jana Duggar, Anna has been busy “taking the kids to the park, cleaning, doing our dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom.”

Joy-Anna Duggar chimes in by saying that her sister-in-law basically does “the dirty work that nobody else wants to do,” and she doesn’t “expect anything in return.”

Josh’s sisters make it sound like Anna Duggar has become the new “Cinderella Duggar,” a nickname Radar Online has given 26-year-old Jana Duggar. Jana earned the moniker because her parents allegedly treat her like their live-in nanny.

“Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities onto her,” a source revealed. “Ever since she was young, she’s had to watch over the house while Jim Bob and Michelle would go out for date night alone.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have admitted that they rely on their older kids to help “train and teach” their younger children, but Jana Duggar has tried to dispel the rumors that her parents expect her to spend all her time working as their unpaid maid/babysitter. During an episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Jana told the TLC cameras that she doesn’t just change diapers and feed her parents’ massive brood.

“I don’t always like to be on the forefront, but I enjoy the behind-the-scenes and working on different projects,” Jana said. “I don’t only cook and take care of babies. Surprise!”

Jana Duggar Babysits For Anna Duggar
Jana Duggar takes care of Anna Duggar’s baby daughter Meredith (Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook)

On Counting On, Jana’s projects included helping her brothers build a tree house and helping Jessa Duggar choose a new lighting fixture for her house. Perhaps Anna Duggar filled in for Jana by taking care of the kids and the cleaning while she filmed these segments.

Jana Duggar and 18-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar may soon find themselves needing more of Anna’s help around the house. It was recently revealed that the only other adult Duggar daughter still living at home, 22-year-old Jinger, is courting former soccer pro Jeremy Vuolo. If Jinger gets married and moves out, Jana and Joy-Anna will likely take over some of her household duties. A few unmarried adult Duggar sons also still live at home, but Jana’s twin brother, John-David, makes it sound like the boys don’t do as many chores as the girls. As Entertainment Tonight reports, he thinks that his sisters enjoy washing his dirty drawers.

“Sometimes I do my own [laundry],” John-David said during a Good Morning America interview, “but a lot of the time, the girls love to do it. At least, I think they do.”

Do you think Anna Duggar’s in-laws are taking advantage of her by having her clean their house, do their laundry, and take care of their kids? Sound off below!

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