‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 5: ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ [Video]

Scream has recently woken up its high school and scared them to the core. In the next episode, titled “Dawn of the Dead,” Scream is about to give its fans something to really scream about. But not before a few major events take place.

For those who have been wondering just how intense Scream can get in order to outdo itself from Season 1, then that moment has finally arrived. But instead of people just locking themselves up and enforcing a town curfew, the high school has different plans for what they need to do, which could isolate them with a killer, according to TV Guide.

As many fans already know, Jake died several episodes ago. But his body had never been found, and all of his friends thought he was still alive. However, they had been naive to the fact that they should be a little more worried about their friend than they actually were.

But the sudden revelation of Jake’s dead body gives the town in Scream a few more Goosebumps than they would be comfortable with, which they react to with extreme measures.

But before we get to in depth about what is coming next on Scream, let’s just take a look at where the show currently is at. That means that there are spoilers coming up for those who have not seen the last episode of Scream.

Let’s just hand it to the producers for fleshing out that last episode of Scream, which gave fans a good chill throughout. To start things off, everyone thought that Kieran was a goner in the beginning. Of course, that was just Scream’s way of tickling the gooseflesh of its audience, given it was just one of Emma’s nightmares. Of course, for many horror TV fans, that’s a real turn-off. Nobody likes to be teased like that.

So now that Kieran and Emma are still safe on Scream, the episode segues over to what life could be like if these teenagers had been normal and done illicit drugs at their parties. That is the very thing the killer in Scream was thinking as well, so he spiked their drinks to make sure they got the full teenage experience (instead of always having to deal with a killer, you know).

Of course, that is where the episode of Scream got really freaky, and the teens were in for the ride of their lives. The hallucinations started to take a creepy and surreal toll on the kids, and they began to experience the more supernatural side of a slasher movie.

The hallucinations included people returning from the dead, Audrey and Noah making out and Emma stuck in the woods with a killer… but that might have been a hallucination as well, who knows.

There was even a scene where Brooke is talking with Jake, a person she doesn’t even know is dead yet, but she is about to in the most horrible of ways.

That last episode of Scream was bookended by one scene that harkens back to Stephen King’s Carrie. Brooke took the stage at the Lady of the Lake pageant, and she was just in wonderful spirits — at least as good as spirits as a girl in her position could be in. That is when Jake’s dead body finally made its grand appearance, dumped from above the stage onto Brooke’s big shining moment, even getting her bloody in the process.

In the next episode of Scream, the school takes no chances and locks down the whole institution. It seems as though the school takes dead bodies more seriously when they land on their own stage.

This also gives way to some hysteria on Scream, where people start to question whether or not last summer is still going on.

See the next episode of Scream, “Dawn of the Dead,” on MTV next Tuesday.

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