Nikki Hillrich, David Olvera: Ontario, California, Murder Of Business Exec, John Hillrich, Will Air On ‘Snapped: She Made Me Do It’

Nikki Hillrich (aka Amy Nicole Hillrich), the estranged wife who had her husband, John Hillrich, an Ontario, California, business executive, killed by her lover and his friend will be the next bold story of murder to air on Oxygen’s Snapped: She Made Me Do It. The episode titled “Nikki Hillrich” will reveal how concerned community members watched in horror as a businessman was shot dead outside of his office in broad daylight.

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When 39-year-old John Edward Hillrich woke up one day in August 2011, he had no idea that it would be the last day he would walk out of his office alive. That is all because police say his estranged wife, Nikki Hillrich, also known as Amy Nicole Hillrich, had her boyfriend, David Olvera, shoot her husband dead because he was making her life miserable.

One witness reported seeing Hispanic guys leaving the scene. The other witness was able to jot down the license plate of the pickup truck that was at the scene. This information led directly back to the deadly trio. Ontario Police arrested Nikki Hillrich, David Olvera, and Emilio Pelayo Saldana in connection with John Hillrich’s death, the Fontana Herald News reported.

“Detectives were able to locate text messages and phone calls between the defendants, including text messages between Amy Hillrich and Olvera in the days and moments leading up to the murder, coordinating where John Hillrich would be at a given time and how to disable his car’s security alarm.”

Hillrich was transported from the crime scene location to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. An autopsy report for Hillrich concluded that he died of multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

The people who knew John Hillrich were all shocked and saddened by his death. They say that John was a handsome and intelligent father who doted on his children. Family members were outraged that Nikki Hillrich allowed her selfish desires to take away such a good father from those children. John Hillrich, who was born in Akron, Ohio, worked as a Yellow Pages advertising executive and was a God-fearing man who also loved the Lakers, according to his obituary. The marriage between John and Nikki hadn’t worked out, and the couple was fighting over custody of the children.

Nikki had started having an affair. John Hillrich was incensed that Nikki would allow the children to be around her new boyfriend, David Olvera, a shady individual and meth addict who had a criminal record. Not only did he have a criminal background, his friend Emilio Pelayo Saldana also had a criminal past. They say Nikki had changed. She went from being America’s good girl to a woman who allowed men to come to her home and use it as a place to get drunk.

Nikki had also started drinking heavily. Her drink of choice was tequila, introduced to her by her new lover. Law enforcement investigators say that Nikki met her boyfriend, David Olvera, at a Yucaipa nursing home, according to Mercury News.

“The three suspects previously worked together at a care facility in Yucaipa, and Amy Hillrich and Olvera were in a relationship.”

To John Hillrich, nothing was more important than making sure that his children were in a safe environment. On the other hand, Nikki, they say, was just concerned with being with her lover. According to authorities, Amy ‘Nikki’ Hillrich became so desperate to get John out of her life for good that she persuaded her boyfriend to kill him.

Nikki Hillrich’s supporters say that the nurse was a loving and caring person. However, in December 2011, Amy Nicole Hillrich was charged with elder abuse, stemming from an earlier incident that occurred at the medical facility where she worked.

The most bizarre aspect of the case is that Nikki Hillrich left a “Dear John” note for her husband, apologizing to him for having him shot down. She signed the deadly note “Love, Nikki,” according to the Press Enterprise.

Today, Nikki Hillrich (Amy Hillrich) is serving a sentence of 26 years to life for her crime. Emilio Saldana and David Olvera received 50 years to life. They are all doing their time in a California correctional facility.

Watch Nikki Hillrich’s story on Snapped She Made Me Do It, airing this Saturday at 9/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen. Last week, Oxygen debuted the case of Brittany Navarra.

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