The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Teen’s Flawless Prom Entrance

People all over the internet are going crazy over this teen’s fabulously flawless prom entrance. Forget “promposals,” extravagant prom entrances are all the rage now. Didn’t you know?

Teenager Azja Frazier decided she wanted to make an entrance in her prom dress that no one would ever forget.

She was not about to just meet her date at the door for pictures like the rest of her classmates. So how would she stand out from the crowd? She produced a send-off only fit for a Queen, or even better, Queen Bey.

Prom is a pretty big deal to high schoolers across America. Every girl wants to feel special and beautiful on their prom night, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

Frazier hired Floyd Wimberly, a professional dancer, to get the group of family and friends waiting to see Azja all hyped up to see her reveal her prom look.

Floyd Wimberly posted a video of the performance to Beyonce’s hit song, “Formation.” It has been viewed over three million times just on Wimberly’s page!

The video has been shared thousands of time across Twitter and Facebook. Women everywhere are loving this teen’s unique and confident performance. On Tuesday, Facebook user Jay Scott posted the video, and it has since gotten over 80,000 shares and six million views.

The scene sets with Wimberly dancing to the song and then is joined one by one by more and more background dancers. One of her friends even had a replica of Beyonce’s hat from the “Formation” video and began head-bopping to the song’s heavy beat. Frazier has set the scene with a red carpet, fog lights, and even balloons in Bey-Hive colors (black and yellow).

The teen made her entrance posing in the doorway in a floor-length, embellished Lemonade colored prom gown and struck a pose like a true diva. Azja put on an amazing performance and the crowd was loving it! Props to her date, who patiently waited at the bottom of the red carpet for his queen.

The internet had a field day once Wimberly posted the video online. People were tweeting in from all over the world to say what a great performance it was. Before long, the video went viral.

True, there were some folks who thought the performance was a bit “dramatic” or “over the top,” but stop being haters, ladies!

Apparently, this is not Wimberly’s first time choreographing an outlandish prom entrance. Azja had been inspired by the girl’s prom entrances that Wimberly had previously put together.

Prom entrances are the new “hot thing” for teens do to at prom. For Azja, it was actually nothing new. The teen had come out to the Beyonce song “Diva” for a dance the previous year. For her senior year, Azja really wanted to kill it and make a great impression in front of all her family and friends.

“I wanted something to entertain my guests while they were waiting on me to come out.”

“Also, I loved the song and I felt like it was a moment when I slayed…I feel like it was my day to shine.”

Slay! Like a true diva, Azja chose to ignore the haters and soak in the compliments! She may have seen some of the negative things people have said about her, but she said that she loved her performance and was happy with how everything came out.

“I been looking passed it for the simple fact [that] I felt like I slayed.”

You sure did, girl! To see the full video of Azja’s flawless prom entrance performance that made the internet go crazy, click below!

[Photo by Bethany Clarke/Stringer/Getty Images]

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